Where will digital marketing take you in 2022? Here are 10 trends from our panel of digital marketing experts.

1. Trends: Most Important Email ChannelsLitmus CMO Melissa Sargeant believes three trends have contributed to email prioritization: personalization, automation and privacy. She expects tactics such as dynamic and interactive email her content, email her AMP, and new personalization strategies to be important in her 2022. Email Her marketing is vital to the company’s overall success,” she says Sargeant. “This is her 20% increase from 2019, and more than 40% of companies she plans to increase investment in 2022.”

2. Trends: Loyalty is a thing of the past. “Loyalty programs will be a thing of the past and will evolve into membership programs,” says Bold Commerce’s Jay Myers..People crave membership and community. It’s human nature. It’s not human nature to want to be part of a loyalty program. Marketers have realized this, and while loyalty points can provide value to consumers, they are not, by themselves, an attractive differentiator. In 2022, brands will transform loyalty programs into true memberships. And unlike loyalty programs, where customers are hesitant to join, these membership programs are so attractive that customers pay to participate. Brands use a membership model to add value through perks such as exclusive access to products, free shipping, and offline events. ”

3. Trends: Visionary New priorities. “Hindsight may be 20/20, but companies will prioritize foresight in 2022,” says Rob Holland of Feedback Loop. “With more and more direct access to consumers, brands will no longer wait until after the fact to get feedback on campaigns, products and brand names they have already launched to know what people think. This is not to say marketers can’t come up with bad ideas in 2022. It’s inevitable. , more people will skip the part that turns a bad idea into a catastrophic decision for the brand.”

4. Trend: Discounts quickly lose support. “Rather than relying on taking advantage of deep discounts to acquire new customers, brands are keen to deliver value through their products and highlight the role they play in their customers’ lives.” said Sherene Hiral of Bluecore. “Digital has expanded the types and ways in which brands can offer their customers value. (i.e., free personalization, in-store experience).”

5. Trends: Fighting Data. “As the battle for data heats up, marketers will lose access to the data they rely on,” said Tim Parkin, a global marketing consultant. “First party he data is the foundation of all marketing initiatives. Many unprepared organizations will rush to collect this data in order to stay competitive.”

6. Trends: Video is the cornerstone. “Video replaces static assets and is the cornerstone of every marketing campaign,” adds Parkin. “Social media and streaming TV platforms will introduce new advertising products that highlight video. Even the retail experience will see new innovations using video to engage customers and drive revenue.”

7. Trend: Great escape from digital white noise. Canadian digital marketing consultant Jordan Stevens said: “At first, direct mail may be rejected due to misconceptions about the channel. Overall, direct mail performance and engagement continues to climb: According to Canada Post, 92% of those surveyed read direct mail and 71% do it. Your audience is bombarded with digital messages all day long, but direct mail breaks through in ways that are genuine, unexpected, nostalgic and tangible.”

8. Trend: Advertising postcards reach people where they live. “Direct mail is a way of contacting consumers directly to their homes. It allows you to target your audience according to location and demographic profile,” Stevens adds. More advertisers are using them to reach their audiences, and we expect this trend to continue.Postcards are lightweight, visually appealing, and stand out in mailboxes.Digital advertising spend is rising. So, whether you’re a real estate agent or a kitchen renovator, postcards are a simple format that maximizes ROI.”

9. Trend: Digital storytelling separates amateurs from professionals. “There has been a huge focus on digital storytelling over the past year,” said Lisa Apolinski, author and founder of 3 Dog Write. “But many companies still struggle to get it right. Companies that can leverage compelling storytelling are more than just digital content creating value and relevance and being content for content’s sake.”

10. Trending: Facebook/Meta Judgment Day“We’ve all thought Facebook was doomed,” adds Apolinski. “I can’t count Mark Zuckerberg’s fresh rethinking of his brand. But Meta’s overall success is a testament to Zuckerberg’s departure from running the company to give the organization new energy.” If Zuckerberg continues to steer, Meta’s success will diminish, and it will never reach the same level of success as Facebook.2022 will be a pivot point for the company, and many Organizations are becoming more conservative with their spending on Facebook as we wait and see how this new brand is received and what opportunities it presents.”

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