in Montreal semain mode It will be back in town from September 19th to 25th and aims to make the local fashion world more inclusive and accessible to all.

From workshops to fashion shows, promotions and pop-up shops, this year’s program includes a variety of activities around town. Here’s a list of free events, bargain trips, and must-see designers to help you plan your week of window shopping in advance.

Cali & Sun

When: September 23, 24, 25

Location: Online

Why we recommend it: Buy 1 get 25% off your second at Kali & Sun. They will also be launching a new birthstone ring collection.


Andrea G hand + maid

When: September 24th, 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Location: Studio 206, 4035, rue St-Ambroise, Montreal, QC

Why you should go: At this launch party, you can relax, chat with other fashion lovers, talk about clothes, and try on small sizes from Andrea G Hand + Made’s stunning fall collection.


Natalia Baquero

When: September 23rd and 24th

Location: 5155, rue D’Iberville, Suite 385, Buzzer 385, Montrea, QC

Why You Should Go: The designer of this headpiece and hat invites you to visit her gallery for “heads of the thinker.” New works will be on display and select hats will be sold at discounted prices. You will also have the chance to create your own dream headpiece. Registration is required for this event.




When: September 23rd from 11am to 8pm and September 24th from 11am to 5pm

Location: 6370, Bool. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC

Why you should go: Several local businesses have joined forces to offer a vintage shopping pop-up experience, complete with DJ sets and refreshments.


Atelier Hotel Motel

When: September 22nd and 23rd from 11am to 7pm September 24th and 25th from 11am to 5pm

Where: 5333, Ave. Casgrain, Suite 706, Montreal, QC

WHY YOU SHOULD GO: The studio launches the “COOL RUNNINGS” sneaker collection, with 25 pairs available for pre-sale. You can use the promo code “COOLRUNNNINGS” to get discounts in our shop or on our website.


Eliza Faulkner

When: September 22 from 12:00pm to 8:00pm

Location: 9200, rue Meilleur, Suite 308, Montreal, QC

Why you should go: This studio is having a big sale. You can also see how your own clothes are made and learn about Eliza Faulkner’s commitment to sustainability.


Harikana X Canadian Hat 1918

When: September 22nd from 4pm to 8pm

Location: 3697, rue Wellington, Montreal, QC

Why we recommend it: This boutique in Verdun organizes eco-fashion evenings and presents new collections. The workshop will include cocktails as well as a demonstration of the upcycling process.


Catrin Leblond design

When: September 22nd from 5pm to 8pm

Where: 230, Ave. Fairmount O., Montreal, QC

Why we recommend it: Celebrate the shop’s 15th anniversary with 10% off the latest collection. Before going to the studio, a professional make-up artist will do your make-up.



When: September 22nd at 5:30pm

Location: Studio Giovanelli, 3081, rue Ontario E., Montreal, QC

Why you should go: This event marks the official launch of the brand with a fashion show at Studio Giovanelli. Limited pre-sale will also be held at the venue for special occasions.


Pilar Aquechi

When: September 22nd from 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Location: 180, rue Beaubien E., Montreal, QC

Why we recommend it: Visit the workshop to celebrate the jewelery boutique’s 5th anniversary. Participants can also receive gifts — what exactly? Well, you’ll have to go and find out for yourself.



When: September 24th and 25th from 10am to 5pm

Location: 7240, rue Clark, Suite 101, Montreal, QC

Why we recommend it: This lingerie store hosts large workshop sales with discounts during Fashion Week. Cheap negligee? please do not worry!


20 compass

When: September 19th to 25th

Location: 4000, rue Saint-Ambroise, Suite 397, Montreal, QC

Why we recommend it: Use promo code ‘SMM22’ and get 20% off the Twenty Compass collection.


Maguire Shoes X Afterglow

When: September 22nd from 3pm to 9pm

Location: 5365, Boolean. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC

Why we recommend it: This pop-up event offers original shoes, sex toys, and natural wines. Speaking of deadly combos, Amilite?


Tamara Rubiler

When: Sept. 21 from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Where: 2019, rue Moreau, Suite 416, Montreal, QC

Why we recommend it: You will have the opportunity to discover the art of embroidery and textile embellishments while attending a workshop to create your very own fabric flower. The studio will also host several embroidery workshops this fall.


JLG Agency

When: September 21 from 6pm to 8pm

Location: 555, rue Chabanel O., Montreal, QC

Why You Should Go: JLG Agency shares fall/winter 2022 trends. To celebrate his agency’s 10th anniversary, we’re hosting a fashion show with cocktails. We will give a gift to the first 50 people.



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