phoenix, August 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — What if the pandemic was just a rehearsal? Can your business survive the next catastrophe?

“Instead of guessing or watching how things play out, we use data to help organizations succeed and potentially gain market share, even when other companies struggle. You can maximize your potential,” says Apolinski, author of the book. Increase Market Share with Zombie Apocalypse (2022, Indie Books International).

Apolinski is CEO of 3 Dog Write, Inc., a full-service digital consulting firm she founded in 2012. She works with Fortune 1,000 companies who want to accelerate revenue and gain market share using digital means. As a speaker, she teaches business leaders how to influence sales growth with digital content strategy.

Over the past decade, Apolinski has helped create nearly every one of our clients. billion dollars with revenue growth. She works with her familiar brands, including one of the top five banks, one of the top five wealth management and financial services firms, and a billion dollar Japanese electronics company. Here are four areas to research to bulletproof your business, even from the Walking Dead of zombie uprisings.

Domain #1: Economic Conditions Affecting CustomersBefore looking at your company’s position in the economy, it is important to see how the current economic conditions are affecting your customer base. Check this data.

  • Website traffic: Is the website traffic increasing or decreasing? Is the traffic coming from other regions? Different websites, for example different pages being reviewed Do you see patterns?
  • Contact Forms: Has the use of contact forms increased or decreased? Are requests more urgent or optional investigations? Has there been any change in product or service requests?

Domain 2: Economic Conditions Affecting Tangential Industries and VendorsLooking at adjacent industries and vendors, assess how widespread economic conditions are, how quickly they affect the organization, and how supply chain disruptions affect both adjacent industries and industries. helps. Check this data.

  • Media mentions: Has there been media coverage of other industries related to your industry? What is being said about those industries? To track media mentions, set up Google Alerts on adjacent industries, including key business players leading the industry in terms of trends and overall health.
  • Emails: Are you starting to receive emails from your supply chain or companies in your economy urging you to “keep your cool” or show solidarity?

Domain 3: Economic Conditions Affecting Unrelated IndustriesAt first glance, industries unrelated to your organization may seem irrelevant. However, stress on one sector can have cascading effects on another sector. Check this data.

  • Global news trends: Staying abreast of global news trends can give you clues about what’s happening and what the ripple effects are in your industry. This includes information about global trade and domestic changes, such as weather-related effects.
  • Public Policy Chatter: If you don’t monitor changes in public policy, legislation could be enacted that changes tax laws, labor laws, or funding options.
  • New business growth: New business applications have increased steadily over the past decade, and 2020 will see a record number of new small business startups.

Area 4: Economic Conditions Affecting Your Company and Your CompetitorsA final key area is to see how the current situation is affecting both you and your competitors. Awareness of competitor behavior can enable an organization to adopt a similar strategy, change its strategy, or proceed in a completely different way. Check this data.

  • Competitor digital communications: Competitor analysis and review should be standard practice in your digital communications strategy, but this review becomes even more important when there are sudden and significant changes.
  • Email campaigns: To see if your customer base has shifted focus, take a quick look at open and click-through rate trends for several recent email campaigns to see what’s causing your audience to shift gears. Distractions can be revealed.

“For any situational assessment, these four areas should be part of the review to get the big picture,” says Apolinski. “Because these areas are measurable, we can track trends in the data, detect new trends, and apply the data to maximize the benefit of the results.”

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