The TV viewing industry and the habits of customers in this segment have evolved over the years, with less cable and satellite models now being used and more demand for OTT services. Nearly 50% of his household now has some kind of OTT platform membership, according to the survey.

The growing demand and interest in OTT platforms should catch the general attention of marketers and advertisers. But why should a B2B marketer specifically look to her OTT channel to drive her brand’s marketing and advertising initiatives?The main reasons are:

The OTT market is growing rapidly, offering B2B marketers a huge audience network

OTT is convenient. Users can choose the type of platform they want to stream to. So, by digging into this customer data and customer behavior based on his OTT platform preferred by the target audience, the B2B marketer and her B2B advertiser can gain better insights. Most of their audience is his Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and Spotify subscriptions around the world.

Making it easily accessible through the platforms your audience casually streams to on a regular basis is a great way to increase your brand’s influence and convey your message in a concise manner.

Today, each of these various OTT networks boasts a specific audience mix. By understanding whether the target audience base is more prominent on platforms like Amazon and Spotify, the B2B marketer and her B2B advertisers can optimize their future digital advertising and digital marketing mix.

In a fast-paced, highly dynamic B2B market where social networks like LinkedIn have always been considered the number one channel, B2B marketers have long faced the challenge of breaking through the noise here. began to

Seeing how OTT usage grows over time, diversifying the B2B marketing mix by choosing other channels, such as LinkedIn, where most of our audiences are active, will pay off in the long term. It can bring significant benefits to your marketing and advertising goals.

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OTT – more accessible and faster

Gone are the days when marketers and advertisers had to contact big TV agencies to increase the impact of their ads or to get their ads placed. Today’s online advertising and digital His marketing scope allows brand marketers and advertisers to channel their budgets in several other effective ways and have direct access to platforms such as LinkedIn/Facebook for their own Advertising and Marketing can run his campaigns. Third Party Teams or Agencies.

By understanding how to optimize the effectiveness of online marketing and use these dashboards to evaluate the performance of each marketing campaign and ad in real time, marketers and advertisers can better understand future goals and brand impact. You can get a more direct way to promote.

Targeted advertising, run through networks such as OTT and LinkedIn, gives B2B marketers more control over their campaign performance, as well as what works and what needs to be improved. helps you understand in real time.

OTT – driving an effective retargeting model

Data is the holy grail for today’s digital marketers and advertisers. We’ve heard it often enough over the last few years.

Once B2B marketers have access to specific data to understand where their customers are primarily located, it will be easier to drive retargeting initiatives and campaigns across these multiple channels based on user viewing preferences. will be

Given today’s highly crowded online B2B marketplace, an advertising or marketing campaign run on Amazon, Netflix or LinkedIn, for example, may be more useful than one run on LinkedIn alone. Now is the time for marketers and advertisers to find ways to not only reach their target customers where they are, but use creative, interactive messaging models to influence them without disruption or distraction. .

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OTT – Helps further personalize online advertising and digital marketing initiatives

Most B2B marketers and B2B advertisers know that they need to run campaigns based on job title, location, and other key company/demographic demographics. OTT platforms, or rather, first-party data here, allow marketers and advertisers to dive into their target audience’s usage devices, preferred streaming hours of the day, among other important data points, so they can You can further streamline your conversion efforts.

As B2B marketers and B2B advertisers dig deeper into this data, they can create appropriate prompts and message triggers to better remind them who their target audience is and how they can benefit in the long run. becomes easier.

The future of OTT is limitless

OTT platforms and other networks offer end users convenience and choice. As users move away from her traditional TV viewing model, B2B marketers and her B2B advertisers also need to understand this changing trend to meet their audiences where they are. With the rise of OTT networks and the constant evolution of the capabilities of this domain, this segment is set to attract more global users in the coming years. For his B2B marketers and her B2B advertisers who haven’t capitalized on this trend yet, now is the perfect time to get started.

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