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These days, many ambitious young students spend their college years carrying out personal projects. Some people start personal blogs in hopes of gaining popularity and recognition. Others launch student startups in pursuit of success and financial freedom. And he always has one thing in common with everyone involved in such projects. You’re short on money and people, you often have to handle the marketing part yourself, and you make a lot of mistakes along the way.

It is certainly difficult to master the art of digital marketing without hands-on experience and established professional support. Not only do students not have enough free time to deal with this effectively, they often utilize ineffective channels and strategies that keep them from getting closer to their goals.

If so, don’t freak out just yet. As a student marketing your personal blog or startup, you are bound to face many challenges. But there are always ways to mitigate risk and get on the right track.Delegate your college tasks to someone now Dissertation writing service Get support from professional writers and save plenty of time on your marketing efforts. Also, read this article to learn about the least effective channels and strategies to avoid.

Don’t use buyer personas

Many novice entrepreneurs and bloggers start promoting their resources, leaving a lot of guesswork. But this approach will get you nowhere. In fact, this is the biggest mistake you want to avoid.

Without a clear vision of your ideal buyer persona and target audience, it is impossible to identify their interests and pain points. As a result, they cannot effectively serve their needs and make them want to read/buy from you.

Knowing your audience is the key to success, according to experts. So here’s how to do it:

  • Think about the group of people who are interested in your blog or product.
  • Conduct market and competitor research.
  • Talk directly with prospects to define their needs and expectations.

These three simple tricks will help you stay on the right track. marketing strategy and guarantee the best results.

Marketing through all social media channels

Now, don’t get this wrong. Social media is effective for digital advertising. Additionally, social media can provide the best her ROI for your campaigns, but only if used correctly.

With such a wide variety of platforms, it can be difficult for inexperienced users to identify the best channel for their campaigns. Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn and many other opportunities suitable for specific types of products and audiences. But if you think it’s a great idea to take advantage of them all at once, it’s not true.

For example, Facebook and Instagram work well for different consumer groups and verticals, while LinkedIn is primarily suitable for marketing B2B products. Your job is to define what kind of social media is right for you and what type of audience you’re trying to reach.

Joining affiliate/referral marketing too early

Affiliate and referral programs are very similar. They mean asking existing clients or other outside individuals to advertise your products in return for commissions from all sales resulting from their efforts. I can’t say that it doesn’t really work. But it’s not for everyone.

Student blogs and startups that are still relatively young and have a small number of dedicated clients and readers may not benefit from this approach. First of all, it will be difficult to attract affiliates and referrals.

Besides that, it is worth mentioning that this type of marketing puts your personal brand reputation in the hands of others. may not be the best decision. Additionally, this type of advertising often requires more careful tracking and measurement, so it can be difficult for busy students to keep up.

keep an eye on competitors

When you’re new to a startup or blog, it’s easy to overlook your competitors and start promoting someone without looking back. But the truth is that whatever the topic of the source, whatever the product or service you offer, there will always be people who are already doing it. You can get a lot of insight on what not to do.

Keeping an eye on your competitors offers many benefits. It helps you see what audience they target, what kind of content they create, and what other tricks they use to achieve results. It is also useful for checking

Most importantly, analyzing your competition will help you figure out what mistakes your competitors have made along the way and help you avoid making them yourself. If you’re marketing without looking back at your competitors, it’s ineffective and needs to change ASAP.

PPC without proper targeting

Many young marketers, hoping to get desired results quickly and save time, decide to harness the power of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising and are deeply disappointed with this marketing instrument. . And most of the time the problem is lack of proper targeting.

PPC is incredibly effective and can produce great results. Still, he has two main elements of success that must be kept in mind. reach the right people Do this with the correct message. That’s the formula for success.

If one or both of these components are missing, you are likely wasting a lot of time and money on your PPC with no tangible results. So this is another thing to avoid. . But if you carefully target the right people and craft the right message to address their pain points and needs, you will succeed.

Content marketing without SEO

Whether it’s content on social media, blogs, or startup websites, many opportunities are lost without SEO. Gone are the days when you could get the benefits of content marketing without adding SEO magic.

So if you’re still there, please change this ASAP. Study SEO specs, find tactics that work against your competitors, identify your most powerful keywords, and start using SEO to profit.


There are many digital marketing channels, tactics and strategies these days. So it’s easy to get lost between them, especially if you’re just starting out and lack experience.

Luckily, you now understand some of the most ineffective marketing tactics to avoid. Each of these mistakes can waste a lot of time and money with no visible results. should be able to create Good luck!

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