Parental trust linked to scan narration

The researchers focused their analysis on 23 eligible articles found in journal databases when searching for English-language studies describing or reporting attachment measures after prenatal imaging in pregnant parents. I was.

Most of the 17 of the 23 studies included the mother’s only experience. Five involved both parents and one saw only the father.

Here are six key insights the project generated, as summarized in a September 1 report by the University’s News Operations.

1. The scanning experience begins before your scan appointment. The full experience also includes parents looking forward to the scan, who are “at the same time worried about the possibility of receiving unexpected news about their baby.”

2. A scan is a pregnancy ritual. Across the literature reviewed, parents viewed scans as expected and desired milestone events.

3. Overall awareness of the procedure improves when parents feel actively involved in the scan. Parents noted that the presence of the father at the scan was important not only for maternal support, but also for “making the fetus feel closer to the attending father” than the father who missed the experience. I tend to feel that there is

Four. Parental priorities for knowledge and understanding of scan changes during pregnancy. In the early stages of pregnancy, parents prioritize a viable pregnancy. In later stages, it is important for parents to know about the presence of fetal abnormalities.

Five. Parents want a sense of partnership with the ultrasound operator during the scan. In the literature, parental trust in the sonographer was associated with scan narration. Furthermore, restricting the use of medical terminology “humanized the fetus and suggested to the parent that the sonographer perceived the fetus as an individual rather than a medical institution.”

6. Scans help create a social identity for the fetus. Many parents focused news about their pregnancy on their scans, and some waited until the first scan to tell friends and family about their pregnancy. “So that the support circle can feel like they’ve known the baby since before it was born.”

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