The change of season brings with it a whole new pedicure color trend, even if you don’t want to say goodbye to summer sandals just yet. There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t embrace clean toes when fall arrives. It’s one of the best forms of self-care. Among this year’s top color choices, LeChat Nails educator Anastasia Totti said the unexpectedly vibrant shade will be the season’s leading polish. “Bright colors like neon yellow are very popular additions to pedicures this season,” she says.

With Fashion Week kicking off the season, we can only assume that the runway influence will show up on the toes as well. After all, fall is still the perfect time to show off your pedicure in the toes-toed transitional weather. “Everything from sky blues and baby blues to midnight blues and royal blues.” It is still seen among the top street style stars.

From classic burgundy to trendy pink, here are the top 7 pedicure color trends to watch this fall.

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tiffany blue

A beautiful hybrid of light blue and turquoise, Tiffany Blue is an elegant and timeless color perfect for fall. You can wear it alone or add embellishments to make it stand out, but either way, this is a striking pedicure choice for the new season.

skin tone nude

Los Angeles-based manicurist Bana recommends choosing nudes that match your skin tone. This color her wash is understated and minimalist and works with any type of transitional shoe you choose.

dare to go bright

For autumn, we recommend a bright neon-yellow polish to help you get through the warm days. Playful contrasts keep you entertained as the days get shorter and colder.

burnt orange

A regular fall stands out, conveying the change of leaves with a burnt orange manicure. This color goes well with his favorite chunky sweaters and trench coats. Don’t forget to add a top coat to make it last longer.

Frost Yourself

Brighten up your next occasion or special event with glitter nails and chrome accents. When it comes to foot care, especially if you’re paying special attention to your feet with an eye-catching polish, hydration is key as the weather starts to cool. Apply cuticle oil to your toes and wrap your feet in comfortable socks to absorb moisture,” Bana tells TZR.

barbie core pink

Bright, medium-toned pinks are taking the fashion industry by storm, with pedicures next and Barbie Koa leading the way.

ruby red

Ruby Red is a stunning color in both fall and winter as the holidays approach. If you’re doing this at home, Miniluxe’s ​​Donna Charloff, her director of operations at Miniluxe, recommends using Grass Her Foot File after showering to maintain a salon-worthy pedicure. . “Mini Lux Nourishing Cuticle Oil Her eyedropper combined with a foot file keeps cuticles moisturized and looking dewy,” she says.

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