Science DAO is a decentralized think tank, incubator engine, and accelerator platform that enables inventors, entrepreneurs, and institutions to collaborate and make informed investments in a wide range of technologies and life sciences. is intended for

With the proliferation of decentralized finance, there is also growing interest in DAOs or decentralized autonomous organizations. In this organization, rules are encoded as transparent computer programs and controlled by members of the organization without third parties.

The hurdles of bureaucracy and hierarchies are removed as the rules are built into the code and no manager is required.

The Science DAO provides tools to assist investors interested in contributing to science projects and seeking access to an investment class of private market science companies.


Its services allow investors to diversify their portfolios across community-selected private market scientific investment opportunities that help investors unlock new and exciting opportunities for portfolio growth. .

The Science DAO harnesses the power of Web3 technology to provide the investor community with direct input into the project through the distribution of voting mechanisms via the $THRY token.

Why DAO and why now?

What makes DAOs different from traditional companies is that the financial transactions and rules that take place in DAOs are recorded on the blockchain.

As such, this eliminates the need for third parties to be involved in financial transactions and simplifies these transactions through smart contracts.

The backbone of a DAO is a smart contract that represents organizational rules and holds storage. Among them, DAO is transparent and public, so people can notice when someone edits the rules.

As a result, it’s easy to see that DAOs can be configured as general partnerships and thus can be fully functional without legal status.

Unlike traditional organizations, DAO has a democratized organization. A DAO requires all members to vote for changes to be implemented. The DAO is fully governed by members who hold tokens to collectively make important decisions about the future of the project.

So far, DAOs have been used for many purposes such as investment, charity, fundraising, borrowing, buying NFTs, etc., without any intermediaries of course.

Science DAO: Areas of Focus

Today, many creative and bright minds still lack community support for their ideas.

Because some of the most innovative ideas never see the light of day or are inaccessible to conferences, the Science DAO is designed to promote these ideas and make everyone accessible to like-minded and supportive people within the DAO. It has been.

Led by a team of robust, creative and diverse individuals to bring lasting change to the world, The Science DAO is currently focused on three areas:

health and environment

  • Medicine: New Therapies, New Processes
  • Genetics: We tailor treatments to the individual, aiming to get the most out of every aspect of the body
  • Nutrition: Helps maximize nutrient intake and create more nutritious foods to address food security from a growing population
  • Mycology: the study of fungi and their use as food, medicine, and materials
  • Microbiology: Harnessing Microbes for New Physical Processes to Maintain Health
  • Anatomy: creating new ways to study the structural parts of living organisms, including plants
  • The Science of Urban Planning: Ideas for the Next Generation of Cities
  • Renewable Energy and Climate: Investing in New Developments to Support a Sustainable Future Environment
  • The Science of Waste Management: Creating and Developing Biodegradable Materials and Finding New Ways to Remove and Treat Waste

computing and technology

  • Blockchain Science: Ideas and Integrations for Optimizing Blockchain Use
  • Studying: New Ways of Teaching and Learning for an Evolving Society
  • Interactive environments: smart systems, sensors, energy, power management
  • AI and Machine Learning: Create innovative ways to advance automated experimentation and functionality.
  • National Security: Developing Innovative Tools to Provide a Secure Future
  • Social computing: developing new ways to improve quality of life, humanity and overall well-being

natural Science

  • Astronomy: How to advance, learn about the universe, and use that information to benefit humanity
  • Hydrology: Finding processes that improve water availability and filtration
  • Materials Science: Discover new materials and discover uses for existing materials to create more resilient and efficient physical designs and inventions.
  • Chemistry: create new uses for chemicals and discover new chemicals for use in organic and non-organic solutions
  • Physics: Improving efficiency and discovering new uses for how matter and energy interact to improve designs
  • Oceanography: Finding new ways to study and preserve the marine environment of all marine species
  • Radiation: Find ways to harness the power of radiation, protect against its harmful effects, and create safer systems for disposing of radioactive materials with minimal environmental impact.
  • Paleontology/Archaeology: Use new tools and methodologies to more accurately, safely, and efficiently investigate ancient life and civilizations.
  • Botany: Researching medicinal properties and creating new medicines and materials from plants


The $THRY token is the native token of The Science DAO that powers the network. Owning a stake in a token means having a say in governance or upcoming emerging technologies.

This is also how institutional and individual investors can contribute to The Science DAO, where they come together to be part of life-changing breakthroughs and inventions.

The total supply is 100,000,000,000 THRY. Among them, 10% total tax, 5% liquidity pool, 5% marketing and development, and 1.0% max wallet.

The Science DAO currently only runs on the Ethereum Network, so you can buy THRY through UniSwap or Dextools.

How does Science DAO work?

The Science DAO is available to open-market retail participants, but is aimed at participants such as science foundations, institutions, and universities to bring these institutions together to drive growth and bring emerging technologies to the masses. is intended for

In The Science DAO Network, each invention has an NFT created to represent its funder. NFT sales will fund the project.

The NFT utility will come in the form of offers such as early purchase access to products on the market and access to privileged Series A venture rounds for additional funding.

Members of The Science DAO can submit projects for funding. Not all projects will be selected, but projects that are not directly funded by the DAO may also receive support from individuals within the DAO.

Why you need a DAO like Science DAO

Starting an organization with someone where funding and money are involved requires a great deal of trust in the people you work with. In fact, it’s hard to trust someone you’ve only interacted with over the internet.

With DAO, you don’t have to trust anyone else in your group because the DAO’s code is 100% transparent and verifiable by everyone.

Many bright minds don’t get the chance to showcase or build on their innovations because they don’t have enough money to bring their ideas to life.

The Science DAO, on the other hand, provides a place and tools to reach like-minded and collaborative people within the DAO. Not only that, but it can also help you find investment from entrepreneurs and institutions.

Science DAO: Summary

Simply put, a DAO is an organizational structure for coordinating people around a common purpose, and a governance token model allows users to own the part of the DAO they interact with.

A DAO like The Science DAO builds a DAO for science, not only to bring cutting-edge technology and scientific breakthroughs to the masses, but also for the betterment of society and humanity.

For more information on The Science DAO, click here.

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