Learning science in a fun way is always interesting. Remember your childhood when going to the science park was one of the most exciting parts of school life? If so, this viral video on Instagram will refresh your memory. , shows a dad and daughter experimenting with electrostatic energy in a science museum and having fun.

This video was posted by an Instagram account with the username Ken & Bea. A user posted a video with the caption, “I went to the Magic House and had a blast!” The video opens with text inserts that add context to the clip. It says “A day at the science museum!”

It shows a father standing on a platform holding his daughter with one hand and resting his other hand on an electrostatic generator called a van de Graaf. The video shows how static energy is transmitted through the father, charging the toddler’s hair and causing the strands to appear up, straight, and away from each other.

Watch the video here:

The video was posted a week ago and quickly garnered over 18,000 likes, with several comments from Instagram users amusing the viral video. One of her Instagram users commented, “I love the fact that Dad’s hair stays normal and the kid’s hair is all messed up.” One person wrote, “I like your hairstyle.” “This is so cute,” her third expression. A fourth user posted, “Visit my stylist.”

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