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Photo credit: Matt Weinberger

The Black Fashion Fair’s first Museum World Tour in Brooklyn was a joyous occasion. We spoke to Black Fashion Fair about how it all came about.

On Saturday night, the Black Fashion Fair held its first-ever Museum World Tour at the Brooklyn Museum.

Black Fashion Fair founder Antoine Grégory and his team have started planning for the event in early 2022. He said in a phone call that he wanted to honor Virgil Abloh, who held an event to close out the summer and now has an exhibition of the same name. at the museum.

“There was a lot of community around this event, and it put people into the museum.” He added, “Virgil is one of the great artists of our time. It was important to be seen.”“Virgil Abloh: Metaphor”

Photo credit: Matt Weinberger

Gregory says Abloh was an avid supporter of the work the Black Fashion Fair was doing before his untimely death. He added that it felt like Kismet to present his work in a way that felt natural rather than stuffy. “metaphorical expression” It includes never-before-seen objects from Abloh’s archives spanning design, fashion, architecture and art. For example, works from his Off-White and Pyrex Vision collections from the past are on display. Also on display is a huge collection of Nike sneakers designed by Abloh.

Besides Black Creative creating curated experiences for viewing Abloh’s work, the evening consisted of Gregory releasing collaborations with Black Fashion Fair, the Brooklyn Museum and FUBU. That night, a limited edition T-shirt in partnership was made available for purchase. The logo T-shirt with the FUBU logo on the front is available in two variations. “Probably the most iconic black brand to come out in the ’90s,” Gregory said. I feel that it was Most museums typically don’t sell gifts because he believes he doesn’t sell black brands in his shop (there was also a special pop-up shop on Saturday featuring other black-owned fashion products).

Throughout the night, multiple DJs deliberately created a fun atmosphere while guests entered and exited the bar. At one point, one DJ MORESOUPPLEASE released multiple songs from Beyoncé’s house-centric renaissance album, including “Heated,” “Cuff It,” “Energy,” and, of course, the single “Break My Soul.” did. At this moment, the museum seemed to be enveloped in a joyful energy that could not be thought of as a production.

Black Fashion Fair Brooklyn Museum World Tour

Photo credit: Matt Weinberger

The Museum World Tour’s goal is to welcome those who often feel ostracized from the museum premises and make them feel comfortable viewing the exhibition. The Brooklyn Museum is the first stop for many upcoming museums.

“Today, we are not always comfortable in these spaces. Museum World Tour offers people the opportunity to have fun. [museums] With the community,” says Antoine.

“We are so grateful to have so many young black designers participating. It really speaks to the work we do at Black Fashion Fair and the community we are building.”

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