AesirX Introduces AesirX DMA – Now 20 million JavaScript developers can deploy a free digital marketing automation solution.

Singapore, August 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As part of an initiative to reshape the world of digital marketing, the company behind the AesirX Solution Series has released AesirX DMA App 1.4.0. It’s an open source digital marketing automation platform, available for download on GitHub, and offering nine free. A social media channel that delivers up to 100 posts daily for free.

AesirX has been developing successful digital solutions for over a decade, with a passion that has evolved to help clients sell millions of products and achieve their business goals. The company also empowers and enables government agencies, developers, and organizations around the world through open source technology and shares its solutions on his GitHub as a Free Open Source Software (FOSS) project.

AesirX founder Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen and his global team have been on the board of Open Source Matters, Inc. (OSM – the non-profit organization behind CMS Joomla) and many working groups for 10 years. I have contributed more. led an initiative to not only reshape the world of digital marketing to be privacy-first, but also to bring technology to the world.

“Over the past decade, we have invented and developed Aesir, the world’s only practical first-party data digital experience platform that is legally compliant and designed with privacy first. ” says Christiansen. “AesirX enables our community of javascript developers and partners to deliver customer journeys in the most meaningful way possible by utilizing qualitative behavioral data to personalize each customer experience without exploiting personal data.” It is an evolution to

The next-generation AesirX solution series includes AesirX DMA, AesirX DAM (released in Q3), AesirX PIM (released in Q4), AesirX Ecommerce, AesirX Content, plus five upcoming digital solutions continuously developed to support organizations around the world. 18 months of leveraging blockchain technology to solve Web2 problems and evolve the future of the World Wide Web.

An all-in-one flexible tool that integrates any marketing department into web, social media, CMS (content management system), DXP ​​(digital experience platform), email, publishing (such as Tumblr and media), advertising, e-commerce channels or whatever Any custom channel accordingly. Like the entire series, AesirX DMA is designed to be time-saving, cost-effective, privacy-focused and compliant. You can then download the PWA, install it, and customize it to your needs.

Distributing SoMe content using social media management tools can be convenient and convenient, but it can increase your marketing costs and reduce your overall revenue. AesirX DMA offers social media automation (currently 9 platforms and apps – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Discord, Telegram, Zalo, FB Groups) with up to 100 posts per day for free Offers unlimited users. industry.

Similar to the free open source version, there are three self-hosted/managed tiers starting at just $49/month, plus a fully hosted/managed and serviced “enterprise” edition for complex workflows , which supports roles end-to-end. , and the organizational structure of large organizations.

AesirX DMA is a PWA-powered (Progressive Web Application) open source software platform that enables front-end staff, agents, or suppliers to customize their own user experience, personalize their digital marketing automation platform, and can meet your exact needs.

AesirX gives back to the open source community in its efforts to reshape the world of digital marketing and democratize access to mature technologies. So all 10 of his AesirX solutions as a service have the same open source PWA foundation, breaking the mold and removing all the hard and expensive backend development. Instead, it provides complete flexibility and freedom to the front end while maintaining a free open source foundation that includes access to the latest technology for even the smallest organizations.

About AesirX

All AesirX solutions have pricing and customer strategies based on ideal deployment into the Microsoft Partner Network or similar IT Solutions Consultant partner channels. AesirX not only offers full support and service in all Azure, AWS and Google Cloud regions, but it can be installed with one click and deployed on npm by his 20 million JavaScript developers worldwide. .

AesirX was born out of a desire to address MarTech consumer privacy issues not addressed by Web2 alone. Driving the need for a regulated, privacy-first future, WEB2 + WEB3 = AesirX ushers in a new era of technology that reflects what the digital marketing industry needs and what consumers deserve. .

AesirX DMA is moving to decentralized file storage and will soon release the first single sign-on and login solution based on the Concordium ID blockchain. Ultimately, all 10 AesirX solutions will evolve from Web2 to WEB2 + WEB3 – leveraging the best aspects to help solve real-world problems AesirX uses Web3 and identity blockchain technology to personalize Improve customer, staff, or learning experiences to create more meaningful engagements. This is the answer to a mature and secure future for the World Wide Web.

Anyone can join the “AesirX Community” on Telegram. This friendly open source community celebrates and promotes the notion that transparency, giving back, sharing and collaboration lead to better software, and perhaps a better society. .

AesirX DMA can be downloaded from GitHub.

For more information: LinkedIn, Facebook, twitterInstagram, Telegram, or visit

contact:AesirX Pte. Ltd Founder and Creator Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen[email protected]


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