After a long wait, a new restaurant and brewery is set to open in Logansport.

Science Project Brewing Company officially opens at 11am this Saturday.

The Science Project (611 North St.) offers a variety of beers, drinks, and pizza as your business grows.

Weekend opening hours are 11 AM to 11 PM on Saturday and 11 AM to 6 PM on Sunday.

For owner Tim Eaton, starting a business was an opportunity to feel part of his adopted community.

“I grew up in Flint, Michigan,” he said. “There are a lot of similarities between an industrial zone and a hollowing out town. Lots of economic base types like foliage. The good guys are still there.”

He hopes customers will find a fun and energetic atmosphere when they finally arrive.

“Everyone in town has a niche. We want to carve out a little niche here,” Eaton said. “Beer you can’t taste anywhere else. It’s a chance to have a different experience.”

Brewing started on July 8th. Brewer Cody Moon says he will have eight Science Project beers on tap on Saturday.

There is also a drink called “Double Felix,” a tribute to Logansport High School’s mascot, Felix the Cat. There is also a wheat beer named after Logansport’s first saloon, the Chamberlain Tavern. Science Projects will also feature award-winning beers from the Indiana Brewers Cup over the next few weeks.

“We will have a wide range,” said Moon. “We’re not going to be a big IPA house or a heavy-duty house. Our goal is to make something light, hoppy, sour, something like seltzer that has nothing to do with beer at all. “

Science Project hosted a private event last weekend as a test run. His one of the leaks from the event circulating around Logansport was that the pizza was really good.

Neapolitan-style pizza invented by Michael Alvarez.

“It’s so thin, so fluffy, so crispy,” he said.

He said there are variations that most people don’t experience with Logansport pizza, such as steak, honey, and apple.

It was important to Alvarez to create something new for the community, not trying to compete directly with the many local pizzerias in town, seeing some of them as mentors.

Over time, Alvarez hopes to expand the menu with appetizers and pastas.

It’s important for everyone involved in science projects to use as many local products as possible.

“We want our ingredients to be very fresh and very clean,” Alvarez said.

The artwork on the exterior of the building is also local.

The mural above the foyer, which features a volcano and a rocket ship, was painted by artists Siena Yvette Urbina, Abigail Carman, Kelsey McKay, and Carrie Hayden, with contributions from Hayley Tub and Cary Snodgrass.

“The town has been massively supportive,” Eaton said. He said other businesses have helped him by offering low-cost services or offering welcome gifts.

“The Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Agency is very excited about the grand opening of the Science Project,” said Bill Cappie, president of the Cass Logansport Economic Development Agency and the Logansport Cass County Chamber of Commerce.

“Our organization has been able to partner with them on several initiatives to support the success of this finished product. We have worked hard to bring you a vibrant business and we hope the community will support their business.”

Joe Brewer, executive director of Logan’s Landing, said he was particularly excited about the opening of the Science Project.

“I think the addition of a science project would be great for downtown Logansport,” he said. “Hopefully more people will come downtown and benefit other businesses as well. I wish Tim and his team the best of luck as they succeed and the community supports them.” I am sure of that.”

Eaton hopes those interested in breweries outside of Cass County will visit and discover places like Bonus Pint, Black Dog Legacy, or You Know Pizza and Bruno’s Pizza.

Eaton asked customers to wait patiently until the store opened. After all, this is a science project.

“This is a new endeavor and we will make mistakes,” he said. “But we’re going to do everything we can so people can walk away feeling they had a good time.”

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