Despite our best efforts, even Japan does not appear to be safe from the threat of censorship. was able to remove the Dr. Stone.

Source: Dr. Stone Chapter 232 “Dr. Stone” (2022) Shueisha.Lyrics by Riichiro Inagaki, drawing by Boichi.

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In February of this year, Amazon Japan Dr. StoneYakuri Classroom – A pseudonym used by a collective of scientists led by another scientist who goes by the pseudonym of Professor Kuraray to work with Inagaki to ensure that the details of the manga’s chemistry are accurate.

Source: Dr.Stone Chapter 40 “Two Million Years in the Making” (2017), Shueisha. Colors spread in Boichi.

These books, the Arienai Medical Encyclopedia and the Arenai Craft Encyclopedia, are part of the group’s award-winning Impossible Rika (tr. impossible science) series provided readers with non-fiction guides to creating makeshift gadgets and equipment modifications for items such as motorcycles and everyday appliances.

To add salt to the wound, Amazon Japan has also stopped selling the Kindle version of the book.

Source: “ Improbable Medical Encyclopedia ” “ Improbable Craft Encyclopedia ” (2021), Sansai Books.

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According to Japanese online news publisher Nijimen, series publisher Sansai Books contacted Amazon Japan to inquire why these titles were removed from its online storefront. It responded by notifying that it was done in accordance with the new ordinance enacted in Japan. Tottori Prefecture.

Unsurprisingly, Sansai Books followed up by asking for clarification on the matter, but Amazon Japan noted that a recent amendment to the prefecture’s local government ordinances would prohibit the transmission of harmful books to the area. He explained that the sale has been banned. position.

Source: Dr.Stone Chapter 188 “OUR Dr.Stone” (2021), Shueisha. Color art by Boichi.

Amazon Japan also cited “adult media product guidelines” as an additional reason for stopping the sale of books. Even though books do not qualify as “adult” under the definition of sexual or violent.

In light of this development, Sansai Books has offered to have their books listed as such, if they can get back in the e-commerce giant’s favor. Unfortunately, this alternative was ultimately rejected by Amazon Japan.

Source: Dr.Stone Chapter 120 “Top Secret” (2019), Shueisha. Colors spread in Boichi.

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But given that 90% of its online sales come from using the site’s third-party storefront, Sansai Books wasn’t ready to accept the decision without a fight.

Ultimately, when the publisher contacted the Tottori prefectural government directly about what parts of the book were considered “harmful,” a government representative provided a one-page summary of the new Youth Sound Development Ordinance. I answered.

Source: Dr.Stone Chapter 95 “First Contact” (2019), Shueisha. Lyric by Riichiro Inagaki, drawing by Boichi.

Publisher Tehrein found that after the books were purchased and reviewed by the local dangerous books department, the committee voted to designate the books as “hazardous” in accordance with the aforementioned ordinance. .

to this end, Arenay Medical Encyclopedia Deleted due to “Article 13, Paragraph 1, Item 1 (Stimulation of Sexual Emotions), Item 2 (Induction of Violence and Cruelty), and Item 3 (Encouragement of Drug Use).” Arenai Craft Encyclopedia I am worried that I will be affected by 1 and 2 and that I will “disrupt my healthy growth”.

Source: Dr.Stone Volume 7 “Double Chase” (2018), Shueisha. Colors spread in Boichi.

Originally, Tottori’s designation of “harmful books” and its consequences applied only to goods sold and possessed within the local jurisdiction.

However, due to the crossbow murder that occurred in Hyogo Prefecture in the Kansai region in 2020, Tottori Prefecture will revise the Youth Sound Development Ordinance in October 2021.

Source: Dr.Stone Chapter 196 “Scientist, All Alone” (2021), Shueisha. Lyric by Riichiro Inagaki, drawing by Boichi.

Due to this revision, the ordinance prohibits businesses outside the prefecture from selling harmful knives, harmful books, etc. to young people in Tottori Prefecture through the Internet.

As Nijimen pointed out, Amazon Japan has established a similar policy prohibiting the sale of “unwholesome books as defined by the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance for Healthy Youth Development.”

Source: Dr.Stone Chapter 62 “Double Chase” (2018), Shueisha. Colors spread in Boichi.

In response to Tottori Prefecture’s revision of the ordinance, Sansai Books lamented to Nijimen, “If you follow this ordinance, you may end up denying all kinds of entertainment works in the world, such as manga, movies, and novels.”

“Even if we can turn a blind eye to the worst-case scenario, only in Tottori prefecture,” the publisher added. “If it’s online sales, selling books within Tottori prefecture itself becomes a risk,” he said.

Source: Dr.Stone Chapter 181 “New World Science” (2021), Shueisha. Lyricist Riichiro Inagaki Art by Boichi

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