Students in this community college program earn qualifications and two-year degrees in equine farm management, livestock management, livestock production, and pet science. The school’s 150-acre farm has cows, sheep, horses, and pigs. Students learn the art of wrestling with animals in the “Handling and Restraining” class.

student carrying a goat

“We have a lot of novice students who have never touched animals, but they are taking classes because they are interested and need electives,” says Professor Audra Lopez. “They love it and end up pursuing careers they never thought of. Some even became veterinarians.”

The program offers internships with local businesses such as feed stores and veterinary clinics.

“Many students take classes because they’re interested and they need electives. They love it and end up pursuing careers they never thought of.”

—Audra Lopez, Mt. San Antonio Teachers Association

If desired, students can gain access to a four-year agricultural college program.

In addition to Lopez, the CTE course is taught by Professors Jamie Phillips and Jennifer Loredo. All are members of the San Antonio Teachers Association.

Three teachers on the farm

Jennifer Loredo, Jamie Phillips, Audra Lopez.

“I am learning so much about livestock production and management, I never thought I would be able to experience it in this urban area,” says student Lexi Nighman. “I plan to start my own beef cattle business someday.”

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