Apple has a number of positions open in platforms related to advertising and digital marketing roles. Marketing – Interactive found. According to media reports from Financial Times, The brand aims to increase its digital advertising business workforce by nearly 50% within 18 months of introducing privacy changes, and has about 250 people on its advertising platform team. According to the article, the brand plans to hire another 216 similar roles, well above the 56 it had in late 2020 when Apple denied the numbers.

In Hong Kong, the brand currently has 18 roles across Apple’s retail stores, hardware, software and services. There are 142 open positions in Singapore, some of which are in search advertising, spanning functions such as marketing, procurement and machine learning.

Last year, media reports outlined that Apple’s search tab would see more prominent ad placements, a move towards higher digital ad revenue. This came in parallel with the company’s crackdown on advertising businesses run by competitors. The ad placement is called a “search tab campaign” and claims to drive app awareness and downloads by promoting the app in a prominent position at the top of the recommended apps list. Ads on the Search tab can run in eligible countries or territories where Apple Search Ads are offered. Ads are automatically created and integrated into the user experience.

Search Tab campaigns are only available as part of Apple Search Ads Advanced. “Millions of users visit the App Store every day[検索]I’m visiting tabs to find and download the following apps: With Search Tab Ads, you can get these customers’ attention before they even search,” he said on Apple’s website.

on the other hand, Facebook said in September 2021 that it was underreporting ad performance on the iPhone as a result of privacy changes Apple made. The tech giant estimates it underreports iOS web conversions by about 15 percent, Graham Mudd, vice president of product marketing, said in a blog post, adding that there is a wide range of individual advertisers. I was.

“We believe that real conversions, such as sales and app installs, are higher than what many advertisers are reporting,” he said. Nonetheless, Mudd has developed a new privacy-enhancing technology that allows Facebook to serve personalized ads and measure their effectiveness while minimizing the amount of personal information that Facebook processes. He said he was optimistic about the multi-year effort toToday, Facebook’s focus is on improving campaign performance by adapting the areas of targeting, optimization, delivery, and measurement.

Now, there’s also quite a bit of buzz ahead of tomorrow’s live stream of Apple’s new product range. Samsung has attacked Apple, claiming the new Galaxy S22 Ultra and his ZFlip4 innovations “won’t be coming to an iPhone near you.”

In that ad, Samsung said, “Sit down for Apple’s latest launch as we enter the world where your head is spinning, not your direction,” citing special events and new product launches. It trolled Apple prior to

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