If you’ve ever fallen madly in love with someone because your bangs fell over your dirty Callline eyes, then you own at least one outfit with a skull in it and shouting every word is physically impractical. Is possible. Every time the song “Sk8er Boi” comes out, you want to pay attention. A new clothing line named Avril Lavigne by Killstar is here to make all your alternative rock dreams come true.Original pop her punk Designed by her queen herself, this collection is basically Warped Her Tour is Warped Her Tour. [was made manifest]? Through sleek separates and edgy bodysuits.

Available starting Wednesday, August 24th in sizes XS to 4XL, the Avril Lavigne by Kilstar line combines modern fashion staples like crop tops, bralettes and joggers with the beloved Y2K pop punk aesthetic. The feel of the collection is old-fashioned delicacy, but the pieces themselves are remarkably modern, offering a range of sizes unprecedented in the real world of the 2000s.All clothing from maxi dresses to bodysuits, It’s intentionally made with lightweight fabrics so you can layer easily without overheating. I’m already obsessed with it, and on behalf of everyone who’s ever shopped at Hot Topic, I’m here to bring you all the details of this Barbie core and spooky season’s iconic fashion collection.

What does the Avril Lavigne by Kilstar Collection include?

The Avril Lavigne by Kilstar collection is a collaboration between one of pop punk’s beloved Y2K icons and Kilstar. Killstar is the brand I would have sold my soul to wear in high school. The collection features a Barbiecore Pink colorway on sheer, breathable fabrics. A classic alternative color combination of black and pink, these pieces are all highly functional as the edges are conveyed primarily by his two elements of anatomically correct skeleton prints and barbed wire patterns. is. The shades in the Avril Lavigne by Kilstar collection are cooler-toned bubblegum pinks, rather than the oversaturated hot pinks of the actual early girls.

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Avril Lavigne by Kilstar Collection

How much does the Avril Lavigne by Kilstar Collection cost?

All clothing in the Avril Lavigne by Kilstar collection is priced between $15 and $60, making it one of the more affordable celebrity collaboration fashion lines.Unfortunately (for me), items above that price range are what your wanderlust probably asks you to buy the most. it’s actually pretty good Reasonable for nice luggage.

This suitcase is also Lavigne’s favorite. “[A] My favorite item is the Bubblegum Pink Tomb Suitcase. I love it and take it with me on my travels,” the iconic musician shared in a press release.

How do I purchase the Avril Lavigne by Killstar Collection?

The Avril Lavigne by Kilstar collection is now available exclusively on the brand’s website.

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