Many would argue that the natural sciences and art are on entirely different sides of the spectrum and require entirely different approaches. At first glance, science and food are also completely different. One is a hands-on activity performed by the world’s greatest minds, and the other is a form of self-expression performed by the world’s most creative people.

But a closer look at science and food—each of them— reveals that they work hand in hand, fueling each other in an ongoing cycle. Baking.

Daydream Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches is a “woman-owned, family-owned company that believes in people and the power of their dreams.” Based in Atlanta, Georgia and founded by Kathy Carpenter in 2021, Daydream combines made-from-scratch brownies, ice cream, and mix-ins to create treats worthy of love letters. The Daydream sandwich is not only a delicious combination of chocolate and ice cream, but also an interesting combination of science and art.

Culinary art seems to rely heavily on aspects of art and self-expression, but it is also truly a form of science. Every gram and teaspoon affects the final piece. Baking powder and baking soda are essential in making baked goods, but even a little too little will result in a darker final product. there is. Once your piece is in the oven, it’s too late to correct any chemistry mistakes during the mixing stage.

Every ingredient in baking has a specific role and causes a specific reaction. The baking powder and soda help the mixture rise, the flour provides structure, and the egg holds everything together.

The ratio of ingredients is also important. Maintaining all proportions allows each ingredient to work properly. When baking, it’s important to use exact measurements and not “eyeball” amounts. If you want 4 tablespoons of salt, you’ll need to add 4 more.

At the same time, baking is part of the culinary arts. As with any cuisine or food art, the individual soul is expressed in the final product. Coming up with new recipes and flavors requires a basic understanding of chemistry, as well as creativity and passion.

Take Boozy Bourbon Maple Bacon (BBMB), for example, one of Daydream’s new fall flavors. This dessert consists of a simple vanilla ice cream base sandwiched between two thick brownies, mixed with simple syrup, bourbon, maple syrup and bits of cooked chopped bacon. The idea of ​​combining these different ingredients into one is truly a creative and scientific mind. Bourbon complements the chocolate and brings out the best flavors in the brownie. Maple and bacon are a classic pairing. I understand.

The idea of ​​combining these ingredients shows understanding how different flavors complement each other and how different ingredients affect the final product. It demonstrates an understanding of how heavy baked goods can be made lighter and richer.

Creating a product like BBMB is itself a bridge between science and art. Knowing how different flavors complement and influence each other allows us to explore creative ways to combine new creations.baking is food science and culinary art A bridge between natural science and art. Simply put, being good in both areas can create commendable foods.

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