One of the most fun parts of growing up is playing with how you present yourself to the world through your hair, clothing, and other ways of expressing yourself. As fans have watched Billie Eilish grow up in front of the spotlight, no time to die evolution of the singer as a popular artist.Before Eilish Heads For Her Asian Legs happier than ever On a world tour, the young icon took a trip down memory lane to appreciate Her bold looks are timeless.

Following the release of two new songs (1 See both Roe V. Wade and Depp/Heard drama), Billie Eilish took to her Instagram A story that follows the previous posts she shared with her followers throughout her career. (14 total). We’ll start with some of Billie’s favorites and gradually get to looks she didn’t like. At her Camp Flog Gnaw festival in 2018, she went baggier than usual in this look.

“Okay, I don’t need to explain this to anyone. I am who I am and this is what I wanted to wear. Got it? 10/10 no regrets.”

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