Blackpink is back! Two years after his latest single “Lovesick Girls” in 2020, everyone’s favorite K-pop girl group is slowly teasing her next second album. born pink, Set to be released next month, on August 19, they dropped their first single and music video from the record, “Pink Venom.” Gomungoor Korean zither.


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Of course, this was Blackpink, and their return was accompanied by a dazzling music video, and fashion didn’t disappoint. , there’s a reason they signed Celine to a major deal.) The video features the very eclectic style that has become a hallmark of the band. With a touch of something more dangerous to match the song’s poisonous sting.

Jisoo wears Miss Sohee’s dress and Cartier jewelry.

Provided by YG Entertainment/YouTube

The group’s first clue to pulling out all the sartorial stops was a teaser image in a video shared earlier this week. A second teaser photo leans toward the song’s darker edge, featuring exaggerated shoulders, acid-washed black denim, and chunky utilitarian boots by Bulgarian cult brand Demobaza. The group wears a quartet of cybergoth looks worthy of Lara Croft.From the set’s wardrobe trailer sand dunes.

Jenny wears an Alaia gown, GCDS heels, and Chanel jewelry.

Provided by YG Entertainment/YouTube

The video itself is a playful take on traditional Korean culture, with Jisoo plucking a melody from a zither while Jisoo modernizes a hanbok and Cartier jewelry created by next-generation couturier Miss Sohee. It starts with a nod. Then Jenny strutting in a blood-red gown sheer for her GCDS heels with Alaia and black her mulliers, monsters red in front of her truck walk.

Rosé, Jenny, Jisoo and Lisa in the “Pink Venom” video.

Provided by YG Entertainment/YouTube

Lisa shows off her signature streetwear-influenced style in a ’90s look with a cropped basketball shirt from Korean label Neon Genesis Oddity and denim overalls topped with a bucket hat from Celine’s Hedi Slimane. To do. Finally, Rosé appears in a latex mini dress adorned with jewelry from her longtime favorite brands Saint Laurent and Tiffany.

Lisa wears a Neon Genesis Oddity top, GCDS underwear, a Celine hat, and Bvlgari jewelry.

Provided by YG Entertainment/YouTube

And if you thought this fashion roller coaster would end there, you’d be wrong. A jersey is included, and Jisoo has a more classically elegant moment in a white Marina Ellie corset dress that features strap detailing across the bustier and flowing skirt.It goes without saying that an infinite array very Themed footwear, from Rosé’s Rick Owens high-top sneakers to Jennie’s thigh-high Chanel rubber boots.

Jisoo wears Marina Eerrie and Cartier jewelry.

Provided by YG Entertainment/YouTube

What gives Blackpink its special magic is how, like some of the most beloved girl groups before, each member has established a distinct fashion identity that neatly reflects their different personalities. With ‘Pink Venom’ debuting their boldest style vision yet, it looks like Blackpink is back in your realm, showing up in style at its best.

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