New York – (business wire) — Blocverse DAO, operator of the Play-to-Earn (P2E) project BLOOCWARS, has announced the acquisition of IP creator Swagga Studio to establish SWAGGA, a physical fashion metaverse.

BLOCWARS and Swagga Studio join forces to integrate their respective businesses and resources and upgrade them into SWAGGA, a phygital metaverse that combines elements of fashion, amusement, social networks and e-commerce, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. is canceled. A wider audience around the world.

With a futuristic mission to usher in a new era of the phygital metaverse, SWAGGA leverages its extensive resources in renowned IP, fashion, e-commerce and social networking fields to create unique and immersive experiences for brands and the metaverse. Build. residents.

To further develop SWAGGA’s comprehensive metaverse ecosystem, a Japan-based company, SWAGGA Innovation Inc. has been established as a service provider to facilitate collaboration between SWAGGA and global IP, fashion brands, and artists from various fields. to establish

BLOCWARS and Swagga Studio bring together technology, experience, IP resources and connections to the fashion industry, and SWAGGA will bring Metaverse’s bigger dreams to life.

About Blockverse DAO

Blocverse DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization focused on blockchain technology and services. Since its establishment, Blocverse DAO has been dedicated to exploring the possibilities of Web3 and the Metaverse as the operator of Blocwars, a project that earns by playing blockchain.

About BLOCWARS and Swagga Studio

BLOCWARS is a fashion-themed P2E project that offers NFT products and derivative features. With an expanded vision of establishing a trendy entertainment brand based on Web3, the project has launched multiple co-branded NFTs with various fashion brands and artists.

Swagga Studio is a fashion entertainment NFT IP creator supported by experienced designers. Swagga Studio was launched by BLOCWARS and he worked with BLOCWARS on the initial character designs for Onimaru, an IP that is currently popular among Web3 users.

Under a previous partnership, BLOCWARS launched a co-branded NFT collection in collaboration with Japanese fashion festival TGC (Tokyo Girls Collection) and an offline joint artwork exhibition featuring 31 Japanese artists in Shibuya, Tokyo. was held at

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