New Delhi [India], September 7 (ANI/SRV): Founded in 2013, Brandveda, one of India’s leading digital marketing institutions, has successfully trained and developed over 50,000 students, professionals and entrepreneurs. , has become an industry leader through seminars, corporate and educational workshops. – Paid workshops, online webinars and free courses. The Institute also collaborates with leading universities and colleges to conduct seminars and workshops as part of its ongoing mission to touch the lives of an additional 50,000 students in the coming years. .

Saurabh Pandey, Founder and Head Trainer at Brandveda, said: To date he has trained 50,000 students and is extremely proud of the team at Brandveda and their continued commitment to improving individuals every day. “

With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, Saurabh Pandey embarked on a mission in 2014 to revolutionize the education sector with his brainchild, Brandveda. He believes in the power of his digital marketing to change people’s lives and is even more eager to see his trainees grow many folds in their careers. In the next few years, Brandveda aims to train another 500,000 students to contribute to the success of Digital India’s mission. The Gujarat-based institute has amassed so many reviews on Google that it has established itself as one of the most popular digital marketing hubs in the state.

Brandveda is always on the lookout to achieve the unimaginable and always aims to hit milestones. In addition, the Institute provides complete end-to-end assistance in 100% job placement, providing training and workshops at leading educational institutions and companies across India to help over 10,000 registrants future has helped to ensure In addition to placement assistance, students of Brandveda’s highly acclaimed courses are starting their own entrepreneurial ventures. And many business owners are realizing significant ROI by optimizing their processes using what they’ve learned from Brandveda.

Courses currently offered by Brandveda cover a variety of domains and cover topics such as: Digital Marketing and Data Analytics Specialist. Social Media Marketing; Facebook Marketing; Google Ads; Google Analytics; Instagram Marketing; LinkedIn Marketing; Additionally, the Institute offers customized digital marketing programs for various departments including sales, marketing, advertising, human resources, senior management, and existing digital marketing teams.

All course content available on Brandveda is designed by Saurabh Pandey with industry requirements in mind. Strategic in nature and conceived for the practical world, intensive modules offer students the opportunity to test their skills on real-world projects. In keeping with our vision of providing experiential learning, the course content carefully blends the importance of theoretical knowledge with the need for practical concepts and case studies.

In addition to the academic and corporate training provided by Brandveda, the leading institute also works for the betterment of society through its initiative Ek Udaan. This philanthropic project is aimed at individuals wishing to launch their careers, and Brandveda provides candidates with the necessary learning resources, free of charge.

Over the years, Brandveda has become the gateway to better careers and better business systems. Ultimately, the Institute believes in its mission to increase national efficiency and help develop the economy.

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