The pandemic has brought significant changes across industries, and marketing is no exception. Today, digital marketing has become a key aspect to attracting new customers and retaining existing customers. In his weekly BrandWagon Ad Talk series, industry experts highlight what has changed in the last two years and, more importantly, these changes will continue. Hashtag Orange founder Mukhesh Vij talks to his BrandWagon Online about digital marketing dos and don’ts, the best marketing campaigns and more.

What is the difference between launching a brand in the digital age today and in the digital age before?

In the past, brands wanting to engage with prospects would place ads in newspapers or invest in billboard campaigns. Customers are now actively seeking business through digital media, shifting control from brands to consumers. Customers not only spend an inordinate amount of time on their digital devices, they engage with the brands they support at an unprecedented rate.

Bringing your brand to market has never been easier. To increase awareness, digital and social media provide a quick and easy way to get new products in front of your customers. When it comes to distribution, e-commerce platforms aspire to tailor products to customers and facilitate transactions.

Branding has been an important aspect of marketing since at least the 1950s, but the art has evolved significantly since the days of Mad Men. Consumers today spend more time on different media and channels than in the past, and businesses must follow and adapt to these digital audiences on their platforms. Brands must adopt a digital-first approach to establishing and managing modern identities to enable access and engagement in the connected world.

What’s the best recent marketing or advertising campaign you’ve seen and why?

Cred’s “Not Everyone Gets It” Campaign

The advertising campaign won the ‘deserved’ Blue Elephant Award at the 2022 Kyorius Design Awards. The idea for this campaign was to leverage the most popular Bollywood celebrities of the 1990s to induce nostalgia and surprise viewers with a funny closing story.

The creative strategy behind the campaign was to use surprise to engage viewers, making them anticipate old stories and shock them with new twists. The creative execution includes a vivid use of theater and a rejection in favor of simpler approaches, perfectly reflecting the spirit of creative strategy.

The commercial makes fun of the common practice of brands recruiting celebrities to promote their products and services. As such, performers are auditioned and asked to deliver the full range of conventional theatrical performances. They demonstrated great concepts such as client segmentation, social he listening, adapting to technological developments, and influential and relevant hashtags.

Which brands made the most of digital last year and how?

In 2021, Adobe collaborated with artist Billie Eilish to create a creativity-focused digital marketing campaign. This campaign was designed to drive engagement and brand awareness for Adobe Creative Cloud, a subscription-based package of tools and services. What sets Adobe products apart is that they inspire creativity and are affordable for everyone. These sales he points apply throughout the campaign, from the video where Billie Eilish outlines his creative process, to the tutorials posted on the website. This campaign shows what people can accomplish with tools and how Adobe can help them. Speak to your target audience.

In a post-Covid world, what are the digital marketing dos and don’ts?

Here are the do’s and don’ts of post-pandemic marketing.

● Perform the following tasks. Communicating with customers, restructuring and focusing marketing strategies, and reviewing automated marketing activities.

● Don’t: Stop creating content. Instead, put more effort into your content creation and make sure some of your content addresses important questions your clients may have.

Smart decisions and consistent marketing are key to ensuring that practices continue and are stronger than ever after the crisis has passed.

Tell us about a bad example of a recent ad you’ve seen and why.

Global digitization is changing the advertising sector, both positively and negatively. And no matter what, examples of terrible marketing are always thought-provoking.

It’s not specific to any particular brand, but it’s certainly rare to see brands failing to provide the right context through their ads.

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