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“The addition of Project Management Services is to enable companies of all sizes to manage any project related to digital marketing…if you want to manage the entire process for your company, I can do it. can do.”

Brick Marketing, a digital marketing agency in Boston, Massachusetts, now offers project management consulting services. The service leverages the digital marketing expertise of Nick Stamoulis, President of Brick Marketing, to help businesses make more informed digital marketing decisions: https://www.

Nick Stamoulis, Founder and President of Brick Marketing, said: We launch new websites and even hire digital marketing agencies and in-house employees. Not all companies have the internal resources to make these decisions, but we do. ”

As part of our project management consulting services, clients can work one-on-one with Nick to address a variety of strategic needs. He takes the time to listen and provide customized strategies that help clients make the best decisions to help their businesses.

Nick continues: For example, if you’re looking to hire a new digital marketing vendor, I personally take all the calls, scrutinize them, and provide pros and cons. With them on behalf of your company, I can do that. Essentially, this service is an alternative service if your company does not have a Marketing Manager or Marketing Director. We can also help you recruit in-house staff. “

Below is a short list of what you can ask Brick Marketing for as part of their project management consulting services.

  • Customized project management consulting for all digital marketing including SEO, content marketing and digital advertising.
  • Recruitment assistance for digital marketing agencies – Nick interviews potential agency partners and works with them to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each service, helping them make the best strategic decisions for their company.
  • Leverage Nick’s expertise when hiring your in-house marketing team. Nick interviews prospects, briefs them on their strengths and weaknesses, and helps them make the final decision.
  • Save time and money by adopting the right approach and timing to ensure that all processes related to website redesign, content projects, digital advertising projects, or digital marketing are completed right the first time. To do.

Additional information about Brick Marketing’s new Project Management Consulting Service can be found on the company’s website at:

Brick Marketing is a client-centric, results-driven digital marketing agency that has been helping clients increase website traffic since 2005. What sets Brick Marketing apart is not just his Nick Stamoulis, President and Founder, but his team, who work directly with clients to ensure that great service produces great results. We also provide various digital marketing services such as content marketing, SEO, social media, digital advertising, digital marketing consulting, email his marketing, website development, etc.

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