Charleston, South Carolina, September 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Black Ink Technologies Corp., an integrated hardware and software company that provides end-to-end zero-trust immutable solutions for products and services, today licenses its 20th patent application I confirmed that I did. “Managing and tracking patient encounters and medical information, including immutable tokens, digital assets and smart contracts. ”

Various studies over the past 20 years have shown that administrative costs account for approximately 15% to 25% of the nation’s total healthcare expenditure. $600 billion To $1 trillion annual total national health care expenditure of $3.8 trillion Paired Pharma Inc, a subsidiary of Black Ink Tech, leverages blockchain, tokens and NFTs to remove friction and provide immutable, verified data to improve these management processes, preventing fraud and patient encounters. We aim to “bring care back to healthcare” by reducing or eliminating it. It can misclassify and ultimately save money and reduce consumer healthcare costs. Ultimately, the platform will make patient encounters easier and faster for both patients and medical professionals, ensuring care is prioritized over paperwork.

Black Ink Tech has exclusively licensed 11 patents this year alone related to NFTs, blockchains, smart contracts and digital assets. CEO Jeremy Blackburn “We are very excited about the development and product launch next month as we have exclusive rights to multiple award-winning patents that form the foundation of a platform that can grow for decades to come. Patents and smart contracts were filed in 2019 and awarded in 2020. Additional submissions are expected to continue for the time being.This will enable Black Ink Tech to develop a competitive platform across multiple industries. We can implement, prove truthful, and provide transparency that ultimately benefits consumers and the industry as a whole.By maximizing the value of our assets and services through necessary efficiencies.”

About Black Ink Tech

Founded in 2019, Black Ink Tech (BIT) provides transparency to all business and market segments with a focus on: truth than that trust with data information. With around 52 global team his members on four continents, Black Ink Tech’s development and market growth never sleeps. Through BIT’s multi-patented integrated blockchain software and hardware platform, it creates end-to-end immutability, reduces or eliminates friction to increase efficiency, enables complete transparency, and enables full transparency of products or services. maximize value. BIT first started in the construction industry and has significantly expanded its product offering and continues to expand into other industries and markets.

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