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At the latest Burbank Unified School Board meeting at City Hall, which lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes, several points were discussed and voted on by school board members.

First and foremost, a vote was taken 5-0 to approve the school district’s first negotiating proposal for 2022-2023 for the Burbank Teachers Association.

A vote was taken and it didn’t take long for all five members to approve.

First, there was a public hearing on the district’s initial negotiating proposal for the 2022-2023 Burbank Teachers Association.

A 5-0 vote also declared September 15th through October 15th to be Hispanic Heritage Month.

Dr. Emily Weisberg spoke. “California is home to more than 3 million Hispanic students in grades K-12, and the diversity of this group includes Mexican, Central American, South American, European, African, Spanish-speaking Contains people of Caribbean origin.Since European contact with the continent began, Hispanics have always been an integral part of the country’s early exploration and the discovery and early settlement of California. The influence of Hispanic culture and traditions is reflected in state customs, traditions, and laws, and how Hispanic Americans influence us in the U.S. government, business, agriculture, commerce, the military, education, the arts, sciences, and sports. It must reflect the experiences of men and women of different races, religions and ethnic groups if it is to continue to make important contributions to society.It must be integrated at all levels,” she said. “The School Board, the Burbank Unified School District, has declared September Hispanic Heritage Month and encourages all schools in the Burbank Unified School District to mark this occasion with appropriate educational activities. ”

Then there was a unanimous vote of 5-0 declaring September 2022 to be Parent Teacher Association Membership Month.

Charlene Walters, parent advocate and mother of two children in the BUSD system, addressed the board and said the PTA is essential to the growth and well-being of every child.

Walters, who has taught in public and private schools in Australia, Canada and the United States, has been with the PTA for six years, and is a former teacher, urges everyone to join the PTA and write a letter for those who want to sign. I have a membership card. Up.

“We encourage all parents to participate,” she said. “We are working on this for the safety of all children and for the improvement of children’s lives. It is open to all.”

Pretty early on in the conference, the Burbank High Speech and Debate National Championship Team was introduced to members and members of the stands.

Dr. John Palamo, Associate Superintendent of Education Services, then introduced Julie Marcussen, Principal of Burbank High School.

“I am delighted to introduce Burbank High School’s impressive and award-winning speech and debate team. They are led by the highly skilled and generous coach, Brandon Bassam,” she said. “He provides students with opportunities and tools that will last a lifetime. He is a 100% volunteer coach, so he is very generous. ”

Humble and sincere, Bassam then addressed the board members.

“I am proud of our Burbank school. I am so lucky to live here in Burbank, the home I grew up in. I am incredibly proud of these jobs. [five students but only four were present] I did,” he said. “This activity has the greatest impact on what students talk about long-term, demonstrable data. I understand the level of determination you need. Deal with it.”

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