My ankles are just killing me. I bought these chunky little $12 platform clogs and absolutely fell head over heels. Literally and figuratively. I’ve always liked the style of the shoe, but never the pain that comes with it. Not exactly heels, but not flats either. another breed. So I’m not contradicting what I said in my two columns ago that there’s no reason to wear heels on a campus where I’m still standing firm.

I bought my first clog in 2018 (because I refused to pay full price to fast fashion) while perusing the clearance aisle. There must have been at least 30 identical shoes, just different sizes. Of course, they put them in their cart, as anyone who has a problem with over-shopping does. I mean, by the time I gave up ghosting, they were poking, slipping, and working the farm. I painted them a dozen colors, covered them with ribbons, and finally decorated them with vintage jewelry.

Filling the hole in my heart, a $12 replacement came to my rescue, broke after about a week of wear and was fixed. I could have ditched the crap at Walmart, but I knew better than that.

The only sounds I heard while sitting in English class were “tick, tick, tick”. It was a familiar sound. I heard what I can only describe as the sound of horses walking down the corridor. I turned my eyes to the door and waited, hoping to catch a glimpse of this noble horse. a smile appeared on his face. I chuckled to myself and said in my head, “Oh, Carbondale.”

Now, you might have thought that this person was keeping up with the times, but there is a difference. Free-loving, his ’70s-style fashion recently strutted down the runways and filled storefronts for over a year, but before that, he made safe nests on and off campus.

If you could sum up Carbondale as a fashion accessory or garment, it would be clogs.

please think about it. When I sit and contemplate the fashion of a bustling college town, I can’t help but picture some sort of hippie outfit. I close my eyes and imagine a woman in a dark-toned shirt. There are variations of pants or skirts in busy patterns, paired with clogs and necklaces likely purchased at the farmers market.

They’re funky, go in and out of fashion, but they’re always there when you need them.

Carbondale can seem stuck in the “Tuscan Sun” era of fashion. From 2004 to her 2010 taupe/beige period, every mother decided to tear down and tile her kitchen. everybody knows what i’m talking about. You know, when fake grapes and wine-themed decor sent our mothers into a headlock.

I could take my eyes off some of the things people were walking around with, but I’ll analyze the situation and move on. A lot of people around these parts don’t care about fashion.It’s a controversial statement, but it’s true. Most people here go shopping for what feels good, not what looks good.

I grew up in several towns. What I always love to giggle and joke about is the shoe selection that the locals choose here. A man usually wears comfortable tennis shoes or loafers. Very typical for men. However, women always seem to opt for open-toed shoes. I don’t mean cute little peek-a-boo slippers, I mean protruding toes. Their dogs are barking all the time and I can’t help but protect my eyes as they grab the front of their sandals like Jesus.

Most people around here dress seriously, but always add a playful touch.You may be surrounded by college students all day, but things are leveling. Everyone here wears what they want. I think it’s obvious if you look around, but the general aesthetic seems to remain.

Cultured Folk Chic is a ridiculous title I deem Carbondale fashion. We could have grouped it with what already exists, but that doesn’t justify it in the least. It’s cultural because of the diversity our university brings to the region. The rich patterns and textiles brought here by students from all over the country and around the world really make it come alive. comes from farm life in the country of

The academic world brings with it a whole list of styles of its own. Thick coats and blazers in wool and canvas, khaki pants and ugly shoes, and a few other things I consider academic and school-related fashion. This style works well and blends perfectly with adult Woodstock children’s clothing in the area. It blends well with what is currently being manufactured for consumption and what is in fashion.

Carbondale isn’t outdated. It used to be out of the loop, but now it seems to be in line with the latest trends.

In another decade or so the cycle begins again and Carbondale becomes high fashion again as it is today. Until then, I’m proud to be here, clatter my clogs and keep smiling.

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