The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has made it more difficult for students around the world to get an education and learn. This is not just happening to individual students. Education crises are happening all over the world. The social and economic turmoil caused by the pandemic is exacerbating the existing global education crisis and impacting education in unprecedented ways. To make education accessible to more students, CoinEx Charity has formed a long-term partnership with Enredo, a Colombia-based non-profit organization, to invest philanthropic funds and provide free education to over 20 schools and institutions. of online courses and accepting more students. to continue their education.

“Education Crisis” Under Pandemic

Globally, 220 million higher education students are affected by campus closures. The pandemic has exacerbated the education crisis, threatening students with great uncertainty. Meanwhile, homes and schools have to navigate hybrid and remote learning options. Nevertheless, some students are completely unable to learn during the pandemic. Add to this global crisis an unprecedented global economic contraction that will have a negative impact on family incomes, increase the risk of school dropouts, and lead to shrinking government budgets and straining public education spending. .

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Alleviating Education Problems Through Strategic Philanthropic Partnerships

CoinEx Charity is a global charity. In May 2022, the organization launched her Book Donation Worldwide program in 12 countries. During the campaign, CoinEx Charity donated new books and school supplies to 18 schools and helped build new reading corners. The charity has been focused on global education from day one. Committed to improving educational equity, the organization introduces multi-million dollar philanthropic funds to help underprivileged children around the world face the education crisis, reduce learning losses and provide compensatory education opportunities. We help increase the

In order to promote the balanced development of education, support underprivileged young students, and provide better growth opportunities for children living in areas with insufficient educational resources, CoinEx Charity will strengthen online education. reached a strategic philanthropic partnership. As a non-profit organization with networking knowledge and partnerships, Enredo can provide the technology needed to deliver public online courses. CoinEx Charity, on the other hand, is funding the production of the course. Together, the two are building educational programs with free online courses, enabling more students to continue their studies without financial strain.

Most of the public online courses are now developed, and the first courses are now available for free in over 20 Colombian schools. To benefit more students, CoinEx Charity and Enredo promoted courses offline and provided distance learning tools to more local schools. This will make online education more convenient for students and allow them to continue learning despite the pandemic.

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Future outlook of education

COVID-19 poses a major challenge to global education, but the crisis is also an opportunity to reshape our education system. Providing tools and guidance for distance learning and online courses is the new standard in future education. In the future, non-commercial, open online courses will become a major part of the education system. Sponsored by CoinEx Charity, public online courses aim to foster transformation of the education system and solve the learning challenges faced by students. In addition, the organization also encourages more philanthropic organizations and kind-hearted individuals to focus on this global education crisis and help communities suffering from “learning difficulties” build equitable, effective and resilient education systems. and calls for joint efforts to help empower children in their education. Reduce risk by individualizing and improving traditional educational approaches.

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