Nigeria-owned digital marketing platform Deyo Digital said it has finalized plans to invest $1 million in the sector to address the challenges facing digital marketing.

In a statement, the company’s founder and CEO, David Adebayo, said in a statement that the company is looking to solve the traditional marketing hustle and bustle by harnessing the potential of digital marketing with search engine optimization. said he participated in

Noting that the platform drives online traffic to businesses, he said:

“Business owners are benefiting from massive amounts of organic traffic to their websites. The platform is ready to invest $1 million in the market.”

“The emergence of Deyo Digital was born out of a need to solve marketing problems. Remember when COVID-19 declared a national emergency? The daily hustle and bustle hurt.

“The government could not come up with a lasting solution other than to protect your health. It was about survival. When you saw the pandemic hit, people stopped spending and you wondered what was next.

“Businesses stopped spending. Ads in media and Google search have increased by more than 700%, and some businesses are reported to be doing well.”

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