Headquartered in Noida, OBI publishes popular literature and literary works.

Om Books International is one of the largest English-language industry publishers in the Indian subcontinent and has long been a major player in the country’s publishing and retail sector. Additionally, Om Book Shop, a subsidiary of a distributor and publisher, has selected New Delhi-based PR firm Crossword Public Relations as its digital and social media marketing partner.

Headquartered in Noida, OBI publishes best-selling popular and literary works. As well as other genres, OBI has published a number of books on the entertainment industry and produced photo essays and monographs on art and architecture.

Ajay Mago, publisher of Om Books International and CEO of Om Book Shop, commented on the appointment: Together, we strive to build targeted and effective marketing that helps develop consumer-centric and engaging communications. ”

Rajnish Jain, founder of Crossword PR, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership. Our team will work together to develop some great campaigns and tactics that help you achieve your communication objectives by being creative, original and engaging. ”

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