Cult Food Science Corporation (CSE:CULT, OTCQB:CULTF) announced that its Singapore-based portfolio company, Umami Meats, has unveiled the world’s first farmed fish balls. March 30, 2022.

Umami, a cellular agriculture start-up developing sustainable alternatives for endangered fish species, has combined farmed fish and plant proteins to give them a taste and texture similar to traditional fish balls. I made a fish ball.

“Prototyping a cell-based fish ball laksa is quite an achievement in the field of cellular agriculture. So far, no such development has been done and CULT wants to support Umami in this initiative.” We believe,” CULT CEO Lejjy Gafour said in a statement.

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“Umami is on a great path and, as it stands, its innovations will very likely lead us to a better and more sustainable future,” he added.

CULT said the idea of ​​using laksa dishes to present Singapore-based Umami’s first product prototype was conceived to reflect Singapore’s rich culture and love for good food.

“Large-scale industrial fishing, rapidly growing populations, and climate change are causing overuse and depletion of fish, and global food insecurity. We are moving forward to make it a solution,” said the Vancouver-based company.

Umami has developed a proprietary non-GMO process for generating fish muscle, fat, and connective tissue from a single stem cell, and is actively pursuing technology that enables the production of the world’s most fragile fish farmed seafood products. developing. seeds, he added.

Using cultured fishballs as a different noodle dish

business continuity

CULT also announced that it has completed its continuation from British Columbia to Ontario, which was approved by the company’s shareholders at a special general meeting held on August 24, 2022.

The company said there would be no changes to its day-to-day operations as a result of the jurisdictional change.

First in North America, CULT is an innovative investment platform dedicated to cellular agriculture. It offers private investors the most innovative start-ups, private companies, or early stage companies championing new technologies to provide sustainable, environmental and ethical solutions to the global factory farming crisis. It aims to provide unprecedented exposure to stage companies.

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