The Daily Trust Foundation opened its Media Enterprise Lab on Monday, designed to help media professionals build new careers from simple skills learned on the job.

It covers digital marketing, film and documentary production, book writing and editing, document digitization, nonprofit management, and multimedia journalism skills for freelancers.

The Media Enterprise Lab kicked off Monday with training 25 media professionals in digital marketing. This training aims to explain to participants the dynamics of the digital world and how to unleash their creativity and generate income from it.

The intensive training program, conducted jointly with the MacArthur Foundation, will run for two months.

Discussing the purpose of the Media Enterprise Lab, Daily Trust Foundation Board Member Malam Manir Dhanari called on media professionals to “think beyond today.”

Expressing regret that most journalists were chasing politicians for breadcrumbs, the former Daily Trust editor said, “We are comfortable today, but we have to think beyond today’s meal. I will not.”

Malam Dhanari, head of the Foundation’s training department, urged journalists to take bold steps to improve their lives, saying, “Those who do it don’t have two heads.”

Alhaj Biriya Bala, chairman of the Daily Trust Foundation, said the lab was designed so journalists could continue to hold the government accountable after they quit their paid jobs.

Therefore, he urged the participants to get the most out of the training program.

(Africa) Dr. Kohl Shetima, director of the MacArthur Foundation, said the country needs a strong media to make democracy work, and the program is designed to put the media in a better position. I added that there is. responsible government official.

“Independent media needs independent sources of income. emphasized.

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