Darren Burnett is wearing pink.

In fact, the “Never Have I Ever” star and brand ambassador says he’s a huge fan of pink’s gender neutral assortment.

Darren Burnett Pink Victoria's Secret

Darren Burnett in the Pink Gender Neutral collection.

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“Honestly, I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed the line itself,” Burnett told WWD by phone. That’s really what I wear all the time. It’s very similar to what I’ve worn in my style and my collection. I wear it at home.i literally wore it [red] I took a picture with the carpet before. I just used it for a photo shoot for a magazine. I traveled with it. I wear it on board. ”

That trip now includes a trip to the Dominican Republic, where the rising star is filming his latest film. After that, he flies off to the location of his next movie. “And potentially another show,” Burnett explained. “I am very busy now.”

Darren Burnett Pink Victoria's Secret

Actor and Pink brand ambassador Darren Burnett from Pink’s gender-neutral collection.

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But this spring, he found time to become a Pink brand ambassador—the innerwear and loungewear brand’s first male ambassador—and launch a new gender-neutral collection.

As part of the partnership, Burnett served as a judge on the selection committee for this year’s 4th Annual Pink With Purpose Project. Fellow brand ambassador model Remi Bader R&B duo Chloe x Halle. T.he Initiative Awarded $25,000 in Grants Help 10 young people between the ages of 18 and 28 to fund local projects and causes.The latest winners the brand will announce on Tuesday were all women. The scholarship is open to both women and men.

Darren Burnett Pink Victoria's Secret

Actor and brand ambassador Darren Burnett (far right) poses with the winners of the 4th Annual Pink With Purpose Project Scholarships.

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“The Pink With Purpose project was a really fulfilling experience for me,” Burnett said. “To see the genuine smiles and joy on the faces of the girls when they won this grant to promote a project that I have found to follow all the Pink guidelines on inclusivity and community really feels to me. It was worth doing.”

What both Pink’s parent company, Victoria’s Secret & Company, and the actor have said is important to women is also empowering women. In the midst of decline, the #MeToo movement, and consumer desire for more inclusive products and marketing materials, we have strived to rebrand ourselves as an “advocate for women.” Victoria’s Secret responded by adding plus sizes. Transgender and Disabled Models We eliminated the near-perfect Angels and the annual fashion show and started going gender neutral. A tween brand called Happy Nation When formed the VS Collective, Above all.

So far, the reaction has been mixed.while being a company Meeting Wall Street expectations last quarter, Some consumers aren’t buying the lingerie giant’s makeover.

Most recently, TikTok creator Jax’s song “Victoria’s Secret” caused a viral backlash. So much so that Pink’s CEO, Amy Hawke, apologized to consumers on Instagram.

“We make no excuses for our past,” Hawk wrote on the platform. We work hard to advocate for women in

Burnett, on the other hand, says that his passion for female empowerment stemmed from growing up around so many strong women: his mother, two sisters, and his grandmother.

“I never grew up where women were not empowered. Women have always been the most powerful force for me,” he said.[But] The older you get, the more you join the workforce and you realize how biased it can be in any business. [Still] I have always known the power that a woman who has been raised by a very powerful woman has within herself. That’s why I love shifts. I hope it continues to change and I think Pink has a strong leg in that fight.

The actor said the Victoria’s Secret makeover was “a positive change in the right direction. I think the incentive is there and I’m excited to see what happens next.”

Darren Burnett Pink Victoria's Secret

Darren Burnett in pink gender neutral collection. Pink is owned by Victoria’s Secret & Company.

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Burnett admitted he wasn’t “very educated about the brand” when Pink first approached him (“I thought it was a girl line,” he said), but then he has changed its view.

“When Pink came to me, at first I was like, ‘What does this mean?'” he explained. “But then I realized they were making a gender-free line. It kind of opened my eyes [the brand] much more.So don’t say you’re not a fan [before the partnership]I knew it was a very popular and very broad brand. A whole new world has opened up.

“It’s interesting that clothes are clothes and what you’re told to wear is definitely made up of your environment and what you grew up with…and others on top of that,” Burnett continued. rice field. “I’m a pretty open-minded person.”

For that, Recent growth in men’s wear lingerie department. “You’ve got to see it before,” the actor said, so he could decide whether to wear it. If you thought it was cool, yeah,” Burnett said.

We are also open to future fashion collaborations if the fit is good.

“It’s just wet toes,” Burnett said. “And I think it’s great to do it with Pink because it was such an easy, fluid and amazing process. So yeah, the answer is yes. That’s what’s organic to me.” If it’s something I can back up for sure.

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