Want to increase the capacity and vitality of our country? Instead of burdening college students with unprecedented loan debt due to underinvestment in education, we need to return to the value of education.

reader's opinion

reader’s opinion

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A good education can actually help you get a tax-generating job that makes the investment in your education worth it. Few would argue there, but since the 1980s, Republican policies have starved education, increased student debt, and put a lot of money in the bank.

Economists recognize that as today’s college students enter the workforce with over $1 trillion in accumulated debt, they are less likely to make large purchases or even have extra money to keep the economy circulating. increase.

Today’s graduates have spent decades struggling to pay off pre-1980 college loans and loans that far exceed tuition fees.

I graduated in 1978 with very little student debt, thanks to our country’s strong investment in education. The level of debt facing students makes it very difficult to move on, so it would be hypocritical to say that loan forgiveness is not sought today.

While it is convenient to throw stones at President Joe Biden for ignoring historical differences in education policy and taking steps to help those who want to further their education, it is unfair and disingenuous.

Our country suffers as political parties that give generously to the wealthy through special tax cuts crush the backs of young people who strive hard to contribute to society through hard work and education.

Whether we live in urban or rural areas, we share a common ideal of growing healthy communities by caring for children, families and education. We can and must support strong public schools and support access to higher education.

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