Now that we have time to process everything that happened on Saturday, let’s uncover the facts of the 2022 DCI World Championship Finals and rehash some of the big stories from the end of the 2022 DCI season.

2022 DCI World Championship Final Scores

1 blue devils 98.750
2 blue coat 97.325
2 Boston Crusaders 97.325
Four carolina crown 96.350
Five Santa Clara Vanguard 95.000
6 Cadets 92.913
7 blue stars 92.775
8 Phantom Regiment 90.675
9 cavaliers 90.600
Ten mandarin orange 90.013
11 colts 87.200
12 trooper 86.425

Best Brass – Blue Devils

Best Guard – Boston Crusaders

Best Drum – Bluecoats

Best Overall Effects – Blue Devils

Best Visual – Blue Devils

Top 5 takeaways

1. Boston and the Blue Coats tie for second place for the second day in a row

The crowd’s reaction to Brandt Crocker’s “And now I’m presenting the silver medal…” right after announcing 4th place was an entirely different way to experience the show. For the second straight day, the Boston Crusaders and Blue Coats were tied by 96.975 on semifinal night and 97.325 on finals night. The Boston-based team made history by earning its all-time ranking, and the Bluecoats capped off the season with his second silver medal in consecutive competitive seasons. The Canton-based Legion was able to make history of its own…

2. The Bluecoats win the first-ever Fred Sanford Best Percussion Performance Award

After a season-long battle with the Santa Clara Vanguard and the Blue Devils, the Blue Coats defeated fellow rivals to win the first-ever Fred Sanford Award. Over the last few years, the Canton-based legion has won GE’s premier awards in 2016 and his 2019 season, in addition to the 2016 World Championship title.

3. Blue Stars close out 2022 season in historic fashion

History was made in DCI’s 50th anniversary season. In 2022, the Blue Stars made their mark in the history books with their best finish in 45 years (7th) in addition to posting a 92.775.

4. Phantom Regiment achieves best result since 2016, highest score since 2015

After finishing 9th in both the qualifiers and semifinals, the Phantoms surged to 8th in their annual finals, surpassing the Cavaliers for the first time in nearly a decade.

5. The Blue Devils continue undefeated in 2022 with 20th World Championship title and multiple caption awards

What more can you say about this historic season for the Blue Devils? won its 20th World Championship title, along with top honors for brass, general effects and visual performance.

Hear the voice of the medalist squad


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