Entering the School of Agriculture, Human and Natural Resource Sciences at Washington State University on August 15, 2022, Wendy Powers is the first CashUp Davis Family Endowment Dean.

Powers is an experienced leader and previously directed statewide agricultural research and expansion for the University of California, Agricultural and Natural Resources Division.

“Dr. Announced. “She embodies that mission through her work with farmers and research peers across the country. Successfully fostering academic excellence, resilient partnerships and community engagement in many states. She is the ideal person to lead this university into the future.”

Powers said he was honored to be a part of the CANHRS story.

“My discoveries at this university reach every corner of Washington, and I’m excited about the opportunity to harness that potential,” she said. It’s a chance to make a difference for every Washington citizen by supporting advances in natural resources, the humanities, and sharing new ideas.”

Statewide Partnership Builder

As Vice President of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Powers has led academic, research and outreach programs at the University of California since 2016. Statewide he has 12 programs and institutions, and throughout California he has 9 research and extension centers.

Powers began his career at Iowa State University as an Assistant Professor of Animal Science and Extension Specialist before moving to Michigan State University where he was Full Professor, Extension Specialist and Director of the Department of Animal Science and Biological Systems and Agricultural Engineering. . PhD in Environmental Stewardship for Animal Husbandry, University of Agriculture and Natural Resources. She was also the first Director of the Institute of Agriculture and Agribusiness at Michigan State University Extension.

As a scientist, Powers combines research findings with outreach to the livestock industry to develop knowledge and resources that help producers stay competitive and meet growing consumer demand while reducing their environmental impact. provided the tools. She holds a PhD in Animal Science and a Master of Science in Dairy Science from the University of Florida and a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Cornell University.

Powers will succeed former dean André-Denis Wright, who led the university from 2018 to 2021. Interim Dean Richard T. Koenig will supervise CANHRS from mid-2021 until August 2022.

Mission of CANHRS

The Cashup Davis Family Endowed Dean of the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences is named after 19th century Palouse pioneer James S. “Cashup” Davis. Created by Gordon W. Davis, Cashup’s great-grandson and he is a WSU alumnus, his $5 million fund reflects the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the Davis family for his CANHRS academic and research endeavors. strengthen the The foundation also builds a culture of philanthropy among CANHRS students, alumni and friends.

Through its extensive state presence, CAHNRS has 12 schools and departments, three extension program units, four research and extension centers, and extension offices serving all 39 counties and the Union Tribes of the Colville Reservation. shares its research and findings with Washington.

CANHRS innovations create healthy communities, families and children, sustain the economy and environment, continuously advance agricultural science and practice, and help feed a growing world population. For 2021, CANHRS has secured over $83 million in research funding for her. This accounts for more than 23% of WSU’s total extramural research funding.

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