Can fashion exist everywhere?

This will be a key issue as a group of researchers, academics and practitioners gather at a symposium in Oslo to discuss whether small-scale fashion ecosystems can exist beyond the fashion capital. prize. The event is led by his two artists from Oslo.

With Norway’s new national museum, the Museum of Architecture and Design, in operation and the International Fashion Research Library gearing up for its official opening in late November, the two cultural institutions are working together on many fronts. increase.

Along with that, we will hold a symposium on the theme of “decentralization of fashion” on Friday and Saturday. The Fashion Research Symposium 2022 will feature fashion research, knowledge sharing and critical discussion. This is the research project “Norwegian Fashion; Cultural Production and Aesthetic Mediation Practices” by her Synne Skjulstad, Associate Professor at Hoyskolen Kristiania.

There is an even greater focus on contemporary fashion, as evidenced by the appointment of Hanne Eide as contemporary fashion curator to mark the opening of the new National Museum in June this year. The avant-garde museum in Kleihues + Schuwerk attracts design-minded people with more than 400,000 objects as much as the monumental architecture by Kleihues + Schuwerk. The museum and international fashion research library are located on Oslo’s waterfront near the Nobel Peace Center. According to an email from Elise By Olsen, director of the International Fashion Library, the two cultural hubs have joined forces to strengthen their shared mission of “putting Norway on the map for the study of contemporary fashion”. We formed an institutional partnership some time ago. research.

All 170 seats have already been reserved for the free symposium, open to students, industry professionals, fashion enthusiasts and more. Authorities such as Kaat Debo, director of MoMu Antwerp. Ida Falk Oyen, associate professor at the Oslo Academy of Arts. Veronique Pouillard, Professor of Contemporary International History at the University of Oslo, and Jeppe Ugerwig, curator, critic, theorist and editor-in-chief of Viscose Journal, will speak.

Artistic autonomy, professional identity, and how fashion concepts are woven into wider fashion culture and industry as a whole are also examined. This symposium will focus on artistic merit as a key force, especially in relation to the centralized economic power of the fashion industry. Attendees will ponder questions such as whether places other than fashion hubs can become centers of artistic and creative development.

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