On August 17, 2022, graduates of Del Mar College's first bachelor's degree program will gather for a pinning ceremony.  Her 14 students were the first to graduate from RN to her BSN program. Nurse.

Del Mar College’s first graduates with bachelor’s degrees took the stage on Friday.

This summer, 14 nurses completed the university’s new RN to BSN program. This program allows current registered nurses who already have an associate’s degree to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

“The greatest benefit will come to the community,” said Jennifer McWour, Chair of the Nurses Education Division. There’s been a lot of pressure on agencies, they want more BSN-capable nurses.”

The degree program will start in Fall 2021 after being approved by the Delmar Board of Directors in 2020. The university’s nursing program also offers a certificate in nursing and vocational nurse education and an associate’s degree in nursing education and registered nurse education.

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