In the United States, having health insurance does not guarantee that you will get the care you need. Each year, insurance companies deny tens of millions of claims from people seeking all sorts of medical services, from surgeries to her MRI.

Patients who are denied care and push back face many obstacles. To challenge an insurance company, you must appeal the insurance company, request an independent medical examination, or file a lawsuit. We are particularly interested in connecting with individuals who have attempted to appeal a denial. These cases may involve you, your child, or another loved one.

We also look forward to hearing from those who work for insurance companies. I’m sure many of you know how the system works. If you work as a medical director, nurse, or customer service representative, or have expertise that helps you understand the health insurance system and its pressures, please complete the form below.

Physicians and other health care professionals are beginning to tell us that they are frustrated by the hours they spend trying to get insurance companies to approve their patients’ treatments. I would like to ask.

Our team may not be able to reply to everyone individually, but we review all submissions. We thank you for sharing your story and we take your privacy seriously. We collect these stories for reporting and are part of your story. I will contact you if I want to make it public.

We are the only ones who read what you submit. If you want to use encrypted apps, see for advice.

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