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Veteran digital marketer Matt Tarrant has announced the release of a 20-minute action guide video on his YouTube channel to help businesses get more reviews for their online profiles.

Action guide videos available at include Matt’s thoughts on why Internet marketing has become so difficult these days, and how businesses can reverse the problem. Contains his expert opinion on. The trends, the actionable steps to make this transformation happen, the benefits you can expect from following the steps, and finally, Matt’s method of fixing your business’s online reputation and driving traffic to ensure it works and produces great results. Two case study results demonstrating that

Trust and Content Reviews

London-based Matt G Tarrant explains why digital marketing today is more difficult than ever. they use on their phones. This level of exposure causes frequent internet users to unknowingly ignore ads and lower click-through rates. To combat this and maintain profits, advertising companies are working on even worse ways to display ads. This is a vicious cycle that leads to poor user experience and disregard for advertising, harming entire industries and businesses that rely on advertising platforms to drive traffic. In addition, search engines also use complex AI that reads website content and answers user questions directly on the search engine’s website. The user does not have to click a link to her website to get the content. This makes it very difficult to get leads, especially if you have already spent a lot of money on content that is being brazenly stolen by search engines. With a history of making increasingly bold claims on the Internet in titles, today’s users are highly skeptical of online content, ignoring new businesses that seek attention. “

To survive in this ferocious digital marketing environment, Matt suggests that businesses should proactively ask customers for reviews, as they are very effective at driving traffic. Plus, every lead a business gets from looking at reviews is tied to a little extra trust in their hearts.

According to business development expert Matt G Tarrant, there are five steps businesses need to take to get more reviews. First, you need a strategy to get reviews quickly on Google, drive traffic, and convert leads into sales. Second, business owners should train and follow up their staff on reputation strategies. Next, businesses should develop mobile apps, websites, surveys, and feedback forms to encourage new reviews. Second, you need to monitor and respond to new reviews every day, whether positive or negative. Finally, the reviewer should be directed to her Google My business page for the business. This is because it has the greatest impact on traffic. The best reviews should also be syndicated to your business website, social media sites and YouTube for even more traffic.

Benefits of following Matt’s solid traffic strategy include increased lead-to-customer conversions, higher average order value, higher ranking of your business on Google Maps for lead acquisition, and reviews posted. Acquisition of leads from everywhere they are, drowning and more. Earn 5-star negative reviews and build trust in your business and its services.

To make that case, Matt G. Tarrant cites the results of two case studies that demonstrated the power of reviews to drive online exposure. First, he talks about his Kline Home Exteriors, an Ohio-based roofing contractor. He switched to a proactive review strategy, and in 12 months he got over 200 reviews. Additionally, Klein Home Exteriors, which had only 4 reviews when he started, got 10 reviews in just 2 days after implementing the strategy. Strong review numbers and high review traffic with his scores allowed the company to scale sales from $2 million a year to his $5 million. Matt also cites research from the University of California, Berkeley, which showed that sales increased significantly when a restaurant’s rating increased by 0.5 stars to his.

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