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“In less than 10 minutes, customers can build ad campaigns from scratch and see their ads go live within 24 hours, faster than anyone else in the space.” said Ricardo Lasa, CEO of Kliken.

Kliken, the world’s #1 shopping and advertising marketing platform, has announced the launch of Kliken Ads, an AI-driven dedicated advertising platform. Kliken Ads offers store owners the opportunity to advertise on the open web, reach beyond the walled gardens of Google and Facebook, and achieve greater visibility at a lower cost. The Kliken team has spent the last decade becoming experts in the digital and programmatic advertising space, but we’ve heard from partners and customers how tedious and frustrating the process can be.

“All of our customers have a common need to increase their sales in a cost-effective manner. At Kliken, we pay close attention to their feedback and use Kliken Ads to meet their needs and desires. In less than 10 minutes, customers can create campaigns from scratch and see their ads go live within 24 hours, faster than anyone else in the space. Ricardo Lasa, CEO of Kliken, said:

Kliken Ads uses the Open Web to pave the way for small business owners to leverage the same technology as agencies and businesses with seven-figure budgets. Kliken Ads was built with the goal of providing customers with greater visibility, lower entry costs, and higher return on ad spend than any other partner.

Kliken Ads has also developed a unique audience targeting method, Lifestyle Targeting. This allows us to target customers in a more intuitive way based on what they love and how they live, rather than just what they buy or “like”. increase. .

“Lifestyle targeting is a game changer,” said Lasa. Kliken Ads was built using over 1,500 laser target groups, including arts and entertainment, automotive, business, health and fitness, hobbies, home and garden, pets, sports, technology, shopping, and more, to find your ideal customer. Effectively match your lifestyle with your store. etc. Yoga enthusiast? tennis player? Adrenaline junkie? we got them all. “

Kliken has built relationships with the world’s largest e-commerce hosting platforms to bring the Kliken Ads network to millions of store owners around the world. Kliken Ads is currently available on Lightspeed ecommerce, WooCommerce, and WiX, with many other platform partners launching in late 2022.


About Kriken

As the world’s #1 shopping and advertising marketing platform, Kliken has helped over 1,500,000 small businesses around the world to grow their sales and businesses. For over ten years, Kliken has been recognized worldwide as an expert in search and shopping advertising. In 2022, Kliken will launch his Kliken Ads, the first ad network of its kind. It has given small business owners access to advertising technology that was previously out of reach and beyond their budgets. Partnering with over 23 global e-commerce brands and managing over 92 million products, Kliken helps small business shop owners grow their businesses with more customers, sales, time and confidence. We continue to focus on Contact us today to discuss partnership opportunities or find out how Kliken can help your business reach its full potential from seemingly unreachable. Get more with Kliken. Go beyond with Kliken Ads.

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