It is no surprise that the last few years have been tough for workers around the world. In the United States alone, “smoking cessation rates” reached their highest level in 20 years and became known as the Great Resignation.

Earlier this year, we reported another anomaly dubbed “The Great Reform” that saw 618,000 marketers quit their jobs in 2021. Whole job change.

what does the data show? We pre-populated Google Trends data and analyzed 572 keywords representing interest in over 50 different skills relevant to the American workforce. They found that 35% of their interest was solely in digital marketing.

LinkedIn noted a 121% year-over-year increase in its share of remote marketing jobs. In the same report, LinkedIn also said that some of the most in-demand jobs this year are in social media. Improving your digital marketing skills is a given. As COVID protocols continue to change, employees are considering moving remotely. Digital marketing jobs certainly offer the flexibility and location independence many workers seek.

Other areas of interest. Digital marketing was second with 35%, while data science was 76%. Other areas of interest were data management (34%) and interpersonal relationships and management (34%).

Digital marketing hotspot. Preply reports that most of the interest in these skills comes from urban areas. However, with online learning, you can participate wherever you have a stable internet connection. However, the largest increases in n digital marketing skills come from Arkansas (125%) and Chicago (32%).

why you care. Digital marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. Even the development of AI and automation has not diminished the need for social media marketers, account managers, SEO specialists, etc. Marketers have previously considered moving to metropolitan areas such as NYC, LA, and San Francisco. With inflation and rising costs of living, the change was immediately noticeable. Acquiring additional digital marketing skills can help employees ask for the jobs they want and the pay they deserve.

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