Digital Marketer and its associated skill set is one of the most sought-after skills in the United States.

Publication date: July 26, 2022

digital marketing skills
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Digital marketing skills rank among the most popular occupational skills in the United States, according to an analysis of search data from Google Trends. BeforehandOther skills most popular in America are data science and visualization, and data management.

trending digital marketing skills

There is a 35% increase in interest among those with knowledge of digital marketing, such as search engine optimization.and Google Ads.

SEO skills

This increase is the second largest after the 76% surge in data science.

Interest in technical skills such as customer relationship management systems and content management systems increased 23%.

Design skills increased by 12% and interest in writing and editing skills decreased by 20%.

Skill demand by location

Interest in digital marketing knowledge surged 123% in Arkansas. The city of Chicago ranked him second in interest by location with 32%.

The states with the highest demand for design skills are Illinois and North Carolina.

most sought after skill set

Based on current search volume, the four most sought-after skill sets are coding, data management, design, and accounting.

10 of the top 25 skills are related to marketers.

  • graphic design
  • adobe photoshop
  • adobe illustrator
  • Web design
  • Customer relationship management software
  • edit
  • search engine optimization
  • video design and editing
  • blockchain technology
  • UX design

Digital marketing skills are in high demand

up to date CMO survey Digital marketing is a key investment for marketers, revealing the highest spending on direct digital marketing such as data analytics, website optimization, digital media and search, martech and email became.

Brands, universities, and tech platforms are among the companies offering training in digital marketing skills. Tomoko Yokoi of forbesFor example, Unilever’s Flex Experience program aims to diversify the marketing skill set of its employees, while both Google and Meta offer certifications for a variety of digital marketing skills.

According to Yokoi, the demand for digital marketer skills will only increase over time due to the need for continuous learning.

“The sought-after marketing skill set is a combination of qualitative, quantitative and technical skills.” Yokoi wrote: It requires the development of new, often technical product-dependent skills that require constant updating. “

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