Help to Grow Digital and Vodafone Business Connected programs provide SMEs with tools for survival and growth

Portstewart technology provider works with Vodafone, Enterprise Nation, Samsung, Cisco and Sage to deliver support packages to UK businesses

Businesses in Northern Ireland, including start-ups, are being urged to harness the power of digital marketing if they want to weather the challenges of inflation and protect themselves from a looming recession.

With the government last week announcing new business support measures under its Help to Grow Digital scheme and expanding the Vodafone business.connected initiative, which offers a number of free online trainings for businesses, one technology provider has decided to do all this and more. claims that there was not. It’s a critical time for companies to strengthen their digital marketing skills.

According to Michael Carlin, CEO and founder of port stewart base Zym says UK firms lacking digital marketing and sales skills likely to face economic headwinds, but support programs from public and private sectors strengthen defenses and drive growth more powerful than ever to

“It is encouraging to see the number of startups growing as we emerge from the pandemic. However, supporting digital skills is essential if they are to survive, remain resilient and drive growth.” ..

“One in five businesses fail in the first year.1, especially startups, need a deep understanding of digital skills such as social media, digital marketing and cybersecurity to overcome the sink-and-swim hurdles. ”

A recent survey by Enterprise Nation and Vodafone found that businesses believe digital savvy is vital to survival. Four-tenths of UK SMEs are investing in expanding their digital capabilities to ease the rising cost of doing business, with 45% of SMEs reporting having improved their digital capabilities last year doing. 68% said they plan to do so in the next 12 months.

Survey results show that digital investment decisions were primarily to drive growth (47%), as a result of the pandemic (29%), and 16% attributed to the cost of living crisis (16%). .

Through Help To Grow Digital, businesses have access to Zym’s automated digital marketing software. This aims to accelerate your sales growth from just £24.50 per month (including a 50% government-funded subsidy).

Zym has also been confirmed as a new delivery partner for Vodafone’s newly expanded initiative of business.connected.

Over 100,000 small businesses operating with partners Enterprise Nation, Samsung, Zym and Cisco benefit from the program’s suite of subsidized digital products and services to help grow their businesses. The scheme is expected to enable an additional 800,000 SMEs to be upskilled in their digital capabilities over the next three years.

Daniel Cairo, Program Manager at Zym, said: “In 2014, we had 1,000 marketing technology providers to choose from; today we have a staggering 9,932. Choices can also paralyze you as you have to navigate Hara.

“Once you choose a solution and sign up, comprehensive support on how to integrate the software is essential for small businesses to get the most out of their tools. support, which means access to discounted software, proven methodologies, and critical education to help small businesses get the most out of their tools.

Michael Carlin continues: “From the beginning, Zym’s goal has been to help business owners access digital technologies to accelerate business growth. This vision is reflected in our Help to Grow Digital and business.connected initiatives. We believe small businesses are the backbone of the economy and will be crucial in the looming recession and the battle many describe for Britain.

“We are a small, growing company and created Zym for people like us – true business owners who want to save time, save money and grow. We therefore hope that these new initiatives across the private and public sector will be a real game changer for small business owners across the UK.”

View all free digital business courses available at business.connected.

Zym is an automated digital marketing solution that integrates the power of nine different platforms into an easy-to-use cloud-based ecosystem, providing marketing automation and lead generation marketing/CRM tools for SMEs. . For more information about Zym, please visit

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