Kannur: State Education Minister V Sivankutty is considering comprehensive changes to the state’s public education system, including promotion of teachers based on academic progress and other merits, grading of schools and reduction of the number of associations.

The proposal was presented in front of the Teachers Association yesterday as it kicked off state-level Teachers’ Day celebrations. Sivankutty said he was confident these proposals would not receive a round of applause, and said teachers should also raise the demands of their students at future association meetings.

β€œIn the future, should seniority be the only criterion for promotion of teachers? Academic ability and specialized knowledge should also be considered. Schools should also have an evaluation system. An auditorium itself is needed to hold a conference for the Malayalam language teacher who teaches English to his students.The situation must change.Students must be guaranteed excellent training. One Principal and Vice Principal is enough for one school Currently we have 3 Principals Increased number of power positions affects overall coordination Teacher to student ratio is 1:40 It is believed that there is, but that cannot be expected next year.The education ministry has appointed a subcommittee to investigate issues that have been left out of those raised by the teachers’ union,” the minister said.

The minister presented the school PTA award and the Vidhyarangam Kala Sahithya Vedi award during the event. CH Mohammed Koya Memorial Best PTA Award was presented by Kottayam Akkarappadam Government UP School and Kollam Thazhava Adhithya Vilasam Government High School.

Other schools that have received state honors are Kolam Panmanyl GLP School, Pathanamthittha Pujikkad Government UP School, Muvaatthupaza Pipera GUP School, Kannur Valam Kadamkode Mappila LP School, Wayanad Bhinachi Government High School and Chertara Chalamangaram. Government DVHSS, Palakkad Edatuna Tukara Government Oriental HSS, and Kannur Irikkur Government HSS.

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