The UK’s National Health Service (NHS), the second-largest global healthcare system, is releasing a new EV ambulance to ease the mental health crisis and reduce its carbon footprint.

If you live in the UK, your next hospital ride could be a battery-powered ambulance. That’s because the NHS is piloting 21 of his new zero-emission EV ambulances.

The electric vehicle trial is part of the NHS’ goal of reaching net zero carbon by 2040, dedicated to addressing the growing mental health epidemic.

Mental health awareness is becoming a higher priority worldwide as an increasing proportion of the population experience symptoms. I’m living

On the other hand, climate change threatens to make things worse. A recent review of research on the impact of climate change on mental health found:

Climate change has been shown to affect mental health at different times. The phenomenology of climate change impacts varies greatly. Some mental disorders are general and others more specific in relation to atypical climatic conditions. It also affects groups.

At the end of the study, the researchers concluded that extreme weather events and climate change can cause post-traumatic stress or be passed on to later generations.

With this in mind, much of Europe is facing an energy crisis as Russia threatens to limit natural gas and oil exports. Germany, Russia’s largest importer of fossil fuels, recently issued a warning and launched the second phase of its three-phase crisis plan.

The crisis is spreading across Europe, as a result of which the Royal Psychiatric Society warns:

The cost of living crisis poses a pandemic threat to the country’s mental health.

The NHS is doing its part to help with this crisis by introducing a new EV ambulance dedicated to mental health calls.

NHS electric ambulance inside Source: Ford

UK’s new EV ambulance fleet for mental health patients

The UK government announced in June that it would invest £150m (around $174.5m) over the next three years to fund mental health services for the NHS. Of which he £7 million is specifically for an additional mental health vehicle.

The healthcare network is putting its money to good use as it introduces a new EV ambulance consisting of 21 large, zero-emission EVs. Six of those are for mental health calls only.

Electric ambulances are different from conventional ambulances. EV ambulances are equipped with the necessary life-saving equipment, but in order to alleviate the patient’s condition, EV ambulances will have fewer fluorescent marks and a more relaxed atmosphere inside the vehicle.

The NHS Chief Sustainability Officer spoke about the benefits of implementing these EVs in the line-up:

We know climate change has health implications, and the NHS can play a role in preventing disease by looking at new ways to reduce emissions.

Before adding:

Each electric vehicle costs less to operate and maintain. In short, these new vehicles can help us spend more time on the road and change the way care is delivered in our communities. This is part of our goal to reach net zero by 2040.

The UK’s new EV ambulance is already active in the North West of the UK. The large EV is the result of a strategic partnership between Ford and the Venari Group and is based on Ford’s E-transit commercial EV.

Electrek take

The UK is using a new EV ambulance fleet to tackle two of the world’s biggest problems: climate change and mental health.

Ambulances sound like upgrades from traditional ambulances as their specific configuration is designed to reduce patient strain. At the same time, the NHS recognizes that climate change is a threat to society on multiple fronts.

Not only is it destroying the planet we live on, it’s also having a huge impact on our mental health.I hope more governments and other organizations will follow in the footsteps of the NHS.

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