Entravision (NYSE: EVC), the world’s leading advertising solutions, media and technology company, today announced that it is a minority-owned and operated media company serving the Latinx community as a content hub, talent incubator and cultural enabler. announced a strategic partnership with LATV Networks.

Juan Saldivar, Chief Digital and Strategy Officer at Entravision, said: “Our company has extensive digital marketing expertise when it comes to reaching a growing Latino audience. By doing so, we will provide a means to massively expand the distribution of bilingual content for young audiences, while further strengthening Entravision’s marketing portfolio of digital and content platforms.”

Entravision and LATV Networks provide creative, engagement-driven solutions to reach the growing influence of Latinos through shared resources, content collaboration, and customized execution. LATV Networks will be able to further its unique value proposition and bring to market a more comprehensive product powered by Entravision. Entravision will help accelerate LATV Networks’ digital growth by providing advanced data technology and multi-channel distribution for LATV Networks’ original content. The partnership will bring to market a unique Connected Television (CTV) service with over 5,000 hours of content and innovative premium digital video content, covering LATV Networks’ core content pillars of Latin culture, Latin America. The video market will be expanded for people, LGBTQ+, and Afro-Latino. .

“This partnership will address many of the challenges of marketing to diverse and nuanced cultures by accelerating the growth of CTV and digital platforms that uniquely highlight Latinx cultures across languages.” Entravision and LATV Together, Networks will provide unprecedented value to advertisers looking for innovative and flexible ways to reach Hispanic consumers of all ages, language preferences and media consumption preferences.”

In addition to Palencia’s statement, LATV Networks President Bruno Serros Uroa said: From arts and entertainment to food, fashion, music and lifestyle, LATV Networks is truly immersed in all things Latino. “

“The combination of Entravision, a proven leader in the Hispanic media market, and LATV Networks, a unique content hub for the Latino community, will give brands even more opportunities to share powerful, creative campaigns with their target audiences. said Chris Munoz, EVP of Entravision’s nationwide distribution. “Marketers are more proactive than ever when it comes to engaging with consumers. As a result, they recognize the importance of delivering their message in exactly the right environment. Our vast portfolio provides new mutual customers with a range of innovative solutions to meet their evolving marketing needs.”

Through LATV Networks’ high-volume production capabilities, this partnership will meet the growing demand for authentic Latino content. Entravision helps and supports LATV Networks by expanding their content on streaming platforms such as Pluto TV, STIR, VIX and Peacock. In addition, Entravision and LATV Networks will approach new sales initiatives with customized incentives, offering first-to-market omnichannel offerings as well as opening up cross-promotion sales and distribution opportunities for advertisers. . For more information on programming and how to watch the LATV Network, please visit latv.com/schedule.

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