Erie County Health Department offers hemostatic training as part of emergency preparedness activities

September is National Preparation Month. You will help until help arrives.

Erie County, NY – With National Preparedness Month beginning in September, the Erie County Health Department (ECDOH), through the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Service (PHEP), announced expanded hemorrhage prevention training.

“These bleeding control classes teach people how to control heavy bleeding, whether it’s caused by a home injury, a vehicle or work accident, or a violent act.” Health Secretary Gail Burstein said“If someone is experiencing heavy bleeding, it is not enough to have basic first aid supplies and tourniquets. That knowledge can lead to better outcomes and even save lives for the injured.”

Across the country, these trainings have prepared more than 2.1 million people on how to stop the bleeding of seriously injured people. ECDOH has trained hundreds locally. ECDOH is now inviting businesses, schools, community organizations, churches, and groups interested in scheduling free training to contact her PHEP at The email should provide the name of the organization, an estimate of the number of students attending, a phone number and the best time to call. [Printable flyer]

“We offer these as small group classes, so each person gets hands-on training with mannequins and tourniquets and can work through scenarios with an instructor.” Continuation of Dr. Burstein“These scenarios range from the mundane, like cutting your hand with a knife while cooking dinner, to the extreme, like losing an arm or leg in a car accident.”

This training is well combined with basic first aid, AED (automated external defibrillator) use, Narcan use for opioid overdose recovery, concussion safety, and poisoning prevention training. I’m here. Each provides important knowledge on how to provide immediate relief to the injured until more competent first responders or medical personnel arrive. You are help until help arrives.



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