If I’m being completely transparent, I’m by no means a “good” packer. I learned early on, but I remained stubborn. Ignoring logic, I spent my days panicking on the baggage carousel and crossing my fingers that my suitcase would finally arrive at my belt unscathed. I succumbed to that. Then came the pandemic. After too many articles about lost luggage, I finally became a carry-on person.

Last week, when I boarded a plane to attend the Oslo runway in Norway (the city’s version of Fashion Week), I could honestly say I packed my bags. This summer, I had only carry-on luggage and he traveled abroad twice, and twice I was disappointed in the disorganized work I did.But this time I was finally able to pack my bags. largely Perfect number of productions for a 3 night stay including press dinner, launch party, runway show and presentation. From Oslo he also traveled to the forest, two hours away, to visit Vestre, the world’s most sustainable furniture factory.

To celebrate my packing accomplishments, I documented every curated item I brought with me, praised the items I wore many times, and even accepted defeat for items that sadly should have stayed at home. Here’s everything I packed and wore.

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