Grand Rapids, Michigan (Wood) – Technology is always changing, and one thing that has become very popular in the last decade is esports. Esports are very similar to real sports as there are teams, jerseys and even announcers. While the ArtPrize is taking place in Grand Rapids, Confluence 2022 is also taking place this weekend.

Confluence 2022 is a festival focused on exploring the connections between art, music science and technology. This year’s festival will feature Rocket League tournaments. This popular esports game consists of playing soccer with a multi-player team using cars. This allows the general public to understand, watch and play Esports. The tournament consists of his two divisions attended by local high school and college students.

Esports has really taken off among our youth. As an example, Michigan State University has an esports club made up of 1500 active his members. If you’re not interested in the actual game, you can get into e-sports production, such as a role called caster. This is the addition of esports event announcements and color commentary, similar to sporting event announcements. Confluence 2022 takes place this weekend and best of all, it’s completely free. Find more information about Confluence 2022 here.

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