Fashion editors have many opinions. And while it may take above-average time to please us, when we like something, we tend to stick with it. is Canadian jewelry brand Mejuri. Sure, it’s been on my radar for a minute through events and general shopping research, but until recently, I didn’t get too deep into that selection to actually try it out. but it was exactly what I was looking for. No frills everyday jewelry, whether sleeping or swimming. I’m past the days of eco-friendly costumes for his once-on-the-wear jewelry, but I’m not ready to invest in Van Cleef’s Alhambra creations (although I’m planning on doing that soon).

Mejuri’s consumer jewelry falls somewhere in between these two categories, so for $100 you can buy sturdy jewelry that won’t roll or lose its luster. But the brand also makes very affordable fine jewelry (including engagement rings), so if precious metals are on your wish list, there really is something for everyone.

We took five of Mejuri’s best-selling rides for a test drive to see how they fared during our day-to-day activities. Keep scrolling to read my reviews and see visually how I styled each piece.

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